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03.12.2002 - 5:37 p.m.

I'm all cantankerous today. Maybe because Casino was on USA last night, which was aired despite the fact that it's Casino, dammit, it has Pesci and DeNiro saying 'fuck' or variations thereof like 284918103 times, so why show it when it has to be dubbed to hell and back and ends up sounding like Mormons came and took big steaming dumps all over the dialogue? I mean, "stuff you"?

Or maybe I'm feeling cranky because my ass still feels like it somehow got attached to a taffy-pulling machine, from that yoga class on Sunday.

Or maybe it's because I had to go to the eleventh circle of HELL this afternoon. Yeah, the DMV. The thing that sucks about the DMV is that the cliches - the waiting, the surly clerks, the computers that 'went down' earlier - are all true. Always.

I waited and waited. And waited. It was like those old text games, like Zork, where you could type in "wait" as a command, and it would say "Time Passes". I waited some more. Then, for something different, I waited. And when I finally got up to the counter (doing a touchdown dance) I received some Bad News.

I was there to get a Washington driver's license because my old Oregon one expired. I know, I am a procrastinating slut. My punishment for letting this chore slide for so long is that I have to take the driving test. So next week I have to go BACK to the evil DMV and drive around with one of the surly withered prunes they have working there.

Well, at least I passed the goddamned written test. Score one for me. Whooooooooo.


Despite Taffy Ass and yucky weather, I dragged myself to kickboxing today. The cool thing about today's class is that there was a new girl who just really really sucked. I just like being better than SOMEONE in the class, you know? As long as someone else is flailing like a dork I feel ok about my own potential dorkdom.

Sometimes I feel all buffed up after that class and I walk home thinking I'd like to stumble upon a guy stealing an old lady's purse or something. So I could punch him! Yeah, just a good one right in the kisser. Just to see if all those jabs and uppercuts and 'ultimate combinations' taught me anything useful.

Probably not, though. Because I'm such a mega scaredycat it's ridiculous. The other day a fucking pigeon flew kind of close to my face and I screamed my head off. Like, in public.


It's Tuesday night! Aren't you excited? Because, um, it's almost Hump Day. And that sounds kind of sexy, doesn't it? Yeah. Well, I've got hot wet laundry action going on tonight. Laundry, what with the quarter-scrounging, the really-heavy-basket-toting, the stairs going up and down-ing, the Hall of Spiders (shudder), and the laundry area that was cleaned Once Back When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth.

Jealous. You're alllll jealous.

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