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2002-01-31 -

11/03/05: Here is an updated bio.



Who the hell writes this crap?

(you could also check out my diaryland profile for favorite music/bands/blah)

I enjoy reading bios on other people's diaries, and therefore feel compelled to have one of my own. Although this kind of thing, this trying to describe myself, is really goddamn hard.

Why I have a diary in the first place is no fascinating yarn, although I wish it were something cool like:

'And right after I won that there Lotto I told myself, Sundry, you best to start keepin' a diary to remember these days of wine and roses' (for some reason I envision that delivered in a southern accent Barry Gifford character voice, so please indulge me).

Nah, I just stumbled across one journal a while back that was so compelling and funny and cool and then I found more and more and I start getting a hunchback from reading so many damn diaries and I thought it would be fun to try writing one of my very own.

And you know the thing about online journals, like so many endeavors, is that there are always billions out there that just kick major ass all over your own little place on the web - but I try not to dwell on that.

Me? I'm 28 29 30 31, live in Seattle, and am married to my wonderful husband JB.

When I started this diary, I was unemployed, and JB and I lived in an apartment close to downtown. These days, I'm working again and we bought a house in an eastside suburb.

I sail along in a fog of mundane domesticity, so you won't be hearing any tantalizing tales about 1) backpacking through Europe, 2) snorting coke off of Paris Hilton's hooters, or 3) staying up past 10 pm.

Recently we added Dog to our little family, which means I live with JB, Dog, Cat, and assorted Freshwater Fish. The fish are totally boring dead, but I often write about the krazy antics of Dog and Cat.

You know the old adage, 'write what you know'? Here are my top 5 dream Jeopardy subjects:

  • The word "Fuck"
  • Cat, fatness of
  • Sports bras that don't fit
  • Your Dorky Co-Workers!
  • Dog poop

So, thanks for coming by. No, really, you have no idea. Thanks.

Photos, if you give a rip*:

* It is totally okay if you do not give a rip.

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