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03.08.2002 -

I can just tell this is going to be one of those excessively female entries. This entry is currently struggling into a petticoat, okay? In order not to overwhelm you with estrogen, I'll post an occasional macho type sentence in
blue, to help balance out all this Chick Stuff.

First of all, I'm all out of sorts because I had a doctor's appointment this morning - or at least I thought I did, because when I showed up they were all, hmmmm, hmmmm, well, looks like we got the appointments mixed up. Sorry.

Not really that big of a deal, because the office is only 2 blocks away - and hey, it's not like I had anything better to do. But I had prepared for this, dammit. When I called to make the appointment, I told the desk person I just needed 'a regular checkup, it's been a while.'

"Women's health exam?" she asked, all perky and brisk.
"Er…ehm. What's that, exactly?"
"Pap smear, breast exam, blah blah blah blah" .
"Yes, well, better put me down for all that." Oh god. "Sounds great."

(Immediately after the call: "Sounds great?" What the HELL was that? Who thinks a pap smear 'sounds great'? I am a hopeless dork.)

So you know, I had spent the morning steeling myself for the whole humiliating routine of having someone peering into my girl parts - in unflattering fluorescent lighting for chrissakes. And the intrusive beak of the…Horrible Metal Platypus Coochie Opener. Gah.

(Oh, and the completely helpless retarded giggling that hits you when you get a breast exam and you're already really embarrassed about, like, everything, and the doctor sort of feels around in your armpits, god, and it makes you totally lose it and blare out big trumpeting elephant brays of laughter and the doctor is all understanding and says a little ticklish are we? and you nod and try to stop but end up making some kind of weird SNNNRK! noise that sets you off all.over.again.)

I found matching underwear for nothing. NOTHING, dammit.


"Just a little deuce coupe with a flat head mill
But she'll walk a Thunderbird like it's standin' still
She's ported and relieved and she's stroked and bored.
She'll do a hundred and forty with the top end floored"


Well, I've been Very Good on my gym routine this week, thanks. I tried out a new class last night; Tai Chi, taught by the same guy who does the kickboxing class. So I got to see him in a cute new outfit, like pajamas almost. Mmm. Mmm. (Hey, I'm married, not blind, ok?) Here's the thing with Tai Chi. It's all really slow and lots of deep breathing and it's mellow and relaxing. But. Stand up, and bend your legs so you're lowered quite a bit. Now walk around like that for an hour. It's hard.

I wore my new yoga-like stretchy pants to class. I had to go through a painful inner argument to work up the nerve to do this.

"Dude. Everyone can see your butt. Your butt is not a mystery - your butt is like, 'hi, I'm Sundry's butt and everyone can see me!'
"These pants are LYCRA. It gives me Gym Butt, which is totally different from, like, Way-Too-Thin-Linen-Pants Butt."
"Seriously, I am telling you. You look like Slutty McFatass."
"Stop. It. These are athletic looking. And my butt is not that bad, dammit."
"Ooooh, athletic. Look at me, I'm all athletic, I've got rippling muscles."
"Fuck you. I'm wearing them."
"Fine. Can't wait till you're supposed to be focusing on flowing energy but you're all 'ooh, is anyone secretly criticizing my butt?' HA HA."


"A lot of guys make mistakes, I guess, but every one we make, a whole stack of chips goes with it. We make a mistake, and some guy don't walk away - forevermore, he don't walk away."


So with the Mister not around the house, the cat has gone totally demon seed on me. Usually she spends the entire day curled up on the coach like a fat furry potato bug, plotting ways to trip me. Lately she's been freakishly active, for a sumo cat. I think it's because I don't give her the food-petting like JB does.

That's when the cat runs to her food bowl and makes a bunch of really annoying sounds until you go pet her. Then she gets all purry and starts bolting her food - in frankly, a really revolting manner. "Snork, prr, blrt, SNKK, chump, prrrr, golp, prrr, crunch." Bleah. I don't know why she likes this so much, but apparently it is an integral part of her day.

So since I've been ignoring her yowling at the bowl, she's gone nutso. She runs around the apartment, galompgalompgalomp, stops to dig angrily at the carpet, stares at me with Beams of Hatred, goes and drinks from the toilet, gets yelled at, runs to the hallway where we have some boxes, rips into the cardboard, sprays styrofoam peanuts everywhere, eats several peanuts, takes a vile Revenge Dump that fills the living room with eye-watering fumes, runs around some more. It's driving me crazy.


"It's not just a sandwich, it's a Manwich."


All right. I'm off to see The Time Machine. With Guy Pierce. Mmm. Mmm.

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