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03.10.2002 - 11:17 a.m.

I've been going to a lot of movies recently. Cause I'm all wild and crazy like that. I finally checked out Seattle's touted Cinerama on Friday. Wow, its got like a 50 gillion billion million foot wide screen. I went and sat way near the front so I had to ootch way down in my seat and practically stretch out flat to see everything. Cooool.

I also sat near a Stupid Movie Prat. He was blathering away to his friend, whose useless conversational contributions seemed to indicate he was very impressed indeed by the Prat.

Prat: "Yeah, so did you see The Mexican?"
Straight Man: (tentatively, cause he wouldn't want to indicate a preference yet) "Um, yeah."
P: "GOD. What a pile of crap."
SM: (eagerly) "Yeah! I know."
P: "That first scene was so bad."
SM: "Totally."
P: "I mean, it was so fake. So unreal. Where they're yelling at each other? God."
SM: "Yeah, fake."
P: "Fraud-yoo-lent. And Brad Pitt's doing his twitchy thing."
SM: "Yeah! The…thing."
P: "That's all he does anymore."
SM: "Uh huh, I know."
P: (affecting an Insider tone) "You know Julia and Brad can't stand each other in real life. That's why the chemistry was so bad."
SM: "Yeah, really bad."

Jesus. The conversation went on like that until the previews started. Never have I so actively looked forward to seeing that animated popcorn cup fucker tell me to turn off my cell phone.

Anyway, it was The Time Machine that I watched. Myeh. It was ok. There's some good passing-through-time effects and the ape monsters are pretty cool. But I really wanted to stand up after the movie ended and scream "Why did the sausage jammed in the sausage cause all of the sausages to sausage?!" (Note that the term 'sausage' has been used to replace possible Spoiler words.) If you know, tell me.

All righty, the other super duper exciting thing that happened this weekend -so far, you never know what looms ahead on the horizon - is that I cooked tofu for the first time. I was feeling all zany at Fred Meyer's and bought a block of what claimed to be "Very Firm" tofu. Despite initially recoiling a bit from the icky bath it was floating in, I sliced its pallid dead zombie flesh and totally kicked it up a notch in the frying pan. BAM!

Tofu is the Carson Daly of food - it just soaks up the personalities of whatever else is around it. So hurray for tofu, you little versatile block of weirdness, you.

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ARTIFACT: JB has been in Bangkok the last few days and sent some pics. This was taken at a seafood market. He writes: "Owning partially to its name, the Phuket lobster has a care free attitude."
Phuket, man.

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