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2002-02-27 - 10:48 a.m.

Yesterday I drove about a half hour north of town to visit my family. It's been a while since I've actually driven anywhere (and yes, I still haven't renewed my license - shut urrrrrp); my car normally sits sad and dormant on the street, collecting dings and birdshit. I own a '97 Corolla, the Plain Yoghurt of cars. It's very utilitarian, lacking niceties such as a CD player, cruise control, a ferchrissakes clock, etc.

JB has a 4Runner. That's what I was driving yesterday. I love driving the 4Runner, despite the fact that I have to do an extremely ungraceful scramble-leap to get into it. It just feels all rugged and buff. (Even though it has no get up and go whatsoever. Also the horn is a big pussy. "Meep! Excuse me, can I get through? If that's ok?") And it's got a CD player. I love to sing along with my music at the very top of my voice. I am, of course, aware that my singing voice is so terrible it would cause a listener's head to actually explode, Scanners-style. That's why I reserve it for solitary drives, showers, and military defense exercises.

I do feel like kind of a fraud when I drive JB's rig. It's got a vanity plate, for one thing. With our last name on it. I'm just not a vanity plate person. My motto is: 'Please don't pay an undo amount of attention to me, it makes me feel squirrely' (note to self - get better motto). And there are a couple stickers on the back, one being a diver's logo - the red square with the diagonal white stripe - and the other being an NRA member logo. I am not a diver (I'm waiting for that breathable water deal like they had in The Abyss, cause that seemed cool, except for the choking and freaking out part). Nor am I prepared to deal with a rabid antigun activist, threatening me with some kind of non-gun weapon. "Guns kill forty billion zillion children a year! Now take off the sticker or I will totally hit you with this rubber band!"

If you live in the Seattle area, you know that yesterday was a fine fine day indeed. It was sunny and clear and felt nothing at all like February. I drove to Edmonds, where my aunt lives. Her house has a beautiful view of the Olympics, the water, ferries going back and forth. My mom also came over and we all went to lunch. It was fun. I don't see them enough.

I was gifted with a set of silverware. Real silver, the kind you bury in your backyard in times of war. A setting for 12 that belonged to my grandmother. It's a wonderful thing to have. I hope I get the chance to use it in the future. Because, no lie, JB and I use mainly paper plates. They have flowers and shit on them, but they're still paper plates. Less dishes, you know?


Hokay, so if you were at my house with me right now, you would be all, "Sundry, is that VASELINE on your face? The hell?"

And I would be like "Why don't you cram it, buster, sideways."

Oh, I wouldn't really. I'd offer you some fresh coffee, you know that. Anyway, I have vaseline slimed all over my face because I am turning into some sort of lizardlike creature. Winter has sucked me dry of all that is moist and wrinkle-resisting. I figured of all the overpriced salves I own, vaseline was the most gooey, therefore surely the most effective.

I heard the gelatinous-face-with-cat-hairs-stuck-to-it look was de rigueur this season.


I'm screwing around with the typeface for this journal. What do you think of our serif-ic pal Times Roman? Easier to read? Or are you more of a sans fan? Let me know.

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