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2002-02-21 - 4:34 p.m.

Today I had lunch with fellow journal-keepers Feng, Peachy, and Haze - plus another pal who shook his head in disgust at our diary chatter and issued sardonic comments like "So, you write about what you did during the day and stuff? Oooh, fascinating. Seriously. I can't believe you're not charging money." The rest of us were like Pod People: "YOUUU should keep a diary too! JOIN USSSSS…

All 5 of us sitting at lunch are currently unemployed. I'm surprised we didn't create some sort of productivity vacuum, sucking meal-presenting energy from the gainfully employed waiters. I think we should have our own sitcom, actually, because surely we represent a very "now" demographic: 30-ish laid off tech workers. We could have catchphrases just like Friends - "Could I BE websurfing more?"


I received a late arrival birthday present from my dad in the mail today. I have only recently been in contact with my dad. My parents got divorced when I was 2 or so, he moved, and we just never kept in touch throughout the years. A couple years ago, I decided on a whim to let him know where I was in my life, and sent an email address. Well, that has really made all the difference. Now he's visited me, he came to my wedding, it's all very nice. But he's never been good with presents.

I'm not a greedy person, I don't really care what my dad gets me for any occasion - I just know it's gonna be really random. Once when I was in 7th grade or so he sent me a birthday box that contained: a large bronze clip, the kind that you see at the end of dog leashes only 5 inches long or so (I still don't get it), and a jigsaw puzzle. Of a baby duck. That said "Have a Ducky Day." That was comprised of maybe 9 large puzzle pieces. It might have been appropriate for a 3 year old.

Anyway, I think he's historically been just a little out of touch. My dad's great. I love him. So he sent me a large black scarf, suitable for wrapping many many times around your body to indicate that you are in a permanent state of mourning, that had the (discounted) price tag still attached. You never know when you might need to drape a coffin or something.


JB and I are all lathered up over eBay lately. We were cleaning out his closet, and he was going through his clothes and saying "Keep? Trash?" to me, because I am the Queen of All That is Fashion <cough>. He held up a leather jacket that was so dorky looking it burned my retinas, and I demanded that we donate it immediately to a local pimp outfitter. So we thought we'd put it on eBay. I even touted up the most ridiculous sounding description imaginable (no shit - it starts with "the elegence of Lambskin has no equal!") - and someone freakin' bid on it! Wow. I kind of want to see how far you can go. "Large cat dook, decent girth and eye-wateringly pungent! Yours for only $25!"

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