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2002-02-25 - 2:11 p.m.

While JB and I spent time in Oregon this weekend sucking down wine like we had very rare and complicated diseases involving potential death if the Riesling levels in our bloodstream fell below approximately 2 bottles, Peachy went and got herself engaged.

Oooh, the down-on-one-knee thing, the staring-at-your-diamond thing, the gingerly-trying-out-the-term-fiance thing. I love being married to the Mr., but there is just something extra marvelous about being engaged. It's a state that offers a subtle difference to a live-in relationship, a new layer of importance, something almost palpable that you carry around like the ring on your finger. It's the Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman stage. The time when you are the most fun sounding - so I sez to my fiance, I sez - without the implied sexcapade goofiness and 'Oops! Honey, I burnt the pot roast' sound of newlyweds, nor the bland in-bed-by-9ishness of married.

We, of course, stay up until at LEAST 10 - sometimes 10:30.


So JB and I had a good old time this weekend. There was hot tub relaxing, beer drinking, pizza eating, wine drinking, oyster eating, more hot tubbing, Big Lebowski watching, beach moseying, more pizza eating. I think it is entirely possible I have gained 10 pounds.

I've been going to this wine festival since 1996. It is steeped in ritual now, from staying at this lovely place, to dinner at the Rogue brewery, to vicious hangovers before 5 PM. This year it was the most crowded I've ever seen it - just about on the verge of Officially Unpleasant. You have to push through throngs of people basically the whole time you're there, your wineglass in a constant state of near-spillage.

If someone actually drops their glass and it breaks, the entire place ERUPTS. In the morning, before everyone is sufficiently liquored up, you hear a crashtinkletinkle every now and then, accompanied by a scattered WHOO! By the afternoon, glasses are breaking every 2 minutes, with everyone screaming something like WAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! If you don't get a headache from the wine, you definitely will from the noise.


Disgustingly, both JB and I seem to be suffering some unpleasant aftereffects of a suspect oyster or something. Let's just call JB…Ralph von Barfsalot, and me…Bathroom McUrgency.

Aren't you glad I shared?

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