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2002-02-22 - 8:48 a.m.

Bolstered by Elmore Leonard and John MacDonald audio books, mellowed by Chris Isaak, Mazzy Star and Aimee Mann, we're hitting the road this morning. About 6 hours of boooorrring Interstate 5 driving, for the most part, to get to our beloved Seafood & Wine festival in Newport. Mmm. Seafood. Wine. Lots of both. Raw oysters, shlorked up like jello shots. 4592 'tastes' from various local vineyards. Wrenching, painful headaches developed by 3 PM. Oh yeah.

Last year's festival happened to fall on a shockingly warm and sunny Saturday. After making the rounds for a few hours, JB and I bought a few bottles to go, a couple dozen oysters, and headed to the beach. We were there with a couple we're friends with; we all played with their golden retriever and basked in the sun. JB found a burning log from someone else's campfire, and we roasted oysters and drank wine. We watched a kid flying a very fast and complicated looking kite. Gracie, the dog, chased about a million sticks. It was very close to a perfect day.

So I'll tell ya all about this year's shindig when I get back. Have a fantabulous weekend.

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