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04.25.2004 - 6:30 p.m.


My weekend update, all pictorial-like:

Dear god, will he never stop? Bit by bit, he's torn apart the entire house! Giant massive gaping holes everywhere! FEAR the man with a hammer. Fear him.

To his credit, we now have shiny new windows. Three of them. Aren't they...uh...great? *cough*

If you were thinking that compared to our neighbor's place that you can see across the street, ours is the hoopty pad? You'd be right.

Please. Take pity upon Dog. She wants you to throw that. So very, very badly.

Also, she uses her stuffed armadillo as a head rest. Which, frankly, RULES.

We got a pool. For our dog. I have crossed some boundary, I think.

In case you wondered? Evil. Evil incarnate. I have seriously considered dropping her into the dog pool.

No, I haven't really. God, that would be so mean!




Yes. Yes I have.

What's better than going out on a beautiful sunny Sunday and having brunch with your friends? Why, shopping afterwards, of course! Notice how my bag is too enormous to lift. What?


After browsing sex toys, why not try on hats? Also, exactly how stylin' is Chiara? EXTREMELY. STYLING. I dub her Pimpy McPimpalot.

Ah, zee coquettish Peachy. Mwah! She makes zee kiss, but eet ees not for YOU. Or ees it? You cannot be sure.


If you're retarded and you know it, and the dead-white-cat-hat clearly shows it, if you're retarded and you know it, clap your hands!

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