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04.22.2004 - 8:08 p.m.


For whatever mysterious reason, the last few days have sucked BABOON ass, traffic-wise.

I had time this morning to appreciate the anthropological strata of stickers plastered to the highway post things - years of clogged westbound 520 commuters, probably frustrated Microsoft temps, crawling along at 2 MPH with their windows rolled down and slapping Vegetarians Taste Better stickers to the green posts protruding from the cement divider.

While approaching the west end of the floating bridge at a snail's pace, I thoroughly examined the arboretum wetlands and saw a heron, several ducks, and a log with three turtles on it, each successively smaller than the one in front of them (um, except for the first one), each with their heads raised.

Well, that part was actually very cool…but I was still late for work, dammit.

Coming home has been just as bad. Today I was part of an e-fucking-normous slow conga line of cars trundling eastbound, no accident in sight to explain the delay. The mountain was out, but are people so dazzled by Rainer's stately visage they forget how the accelerator pedal works?

And…and yeah, and another thing I, uh…

I just realized I'm bitching about a commute that involves driving over a beautiful lake, seeing waterfowl and turtles, scoping multimillion dollar homes, in full view of the area's most lovely mountain.

I'm going to go get myself a nice tall glass of Shut The Fuck Up now. Don't mind me.


Should I be concerned about the recent appearance of this…THING in my household?


So, I could use your help with something. Recently I've been talking to someone affiliated with a small publishing company, and she has encouraged me to, holy freaking shit, submit this journal - in some form - in order to be considered by said company.

(Most flattering thing EVER, by the way.)

Pitching a book involves coming up with a hook - what the book is about, how it would be structured, what audience would like it, and so on.

I look at my journal and I see a couple years of the most enjoyable activity I think I've ever embarked upon, but I am having a terrible time thinking of how it might exist in a bound paper format.

By the way, I am actually in MARKETING. It is, supposedly, my freaking FORTE to package up dubious end products and present them to the public, smelling of roses and glittering with bows.

Apparently the stuff that's closer to the bone is harder to pimp than shoddy vaporware Internet applications. Who would have guessed?

I'd like to ask you, the people who read this (and oh my god you have no idea how much I love you for that), to give me some advice if you feel like it. Is there some sort of way you could imagine the stuff I've posted here being appealing, at all, in a book? Or even, putting what I've written aside, is there some manner in which someone's journal - a journal that doesn't include some fascinating journey that ends in, I don't know, overcoming some colossal personal challenge, or something - can be put together that wouldn't be a snorefest?

I mean, jesus, it isn't exactly Sex and the City around here - hell, it's not even "Thirtysomething".

Anyway. Any thoughts you have are appreciated.

And thanks, so much, for reading.

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