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06.30.2003 - 8:07 p.m.


It's the week of the 4th of July, so that means JB and I are going to do our yearly trek down to southern Oregon and the Rogue River. JB really wanted to do a rafting trip like last year, but this time we'll have Dog with us, whose love for the water potentially includes plunging joyfully into any Class 5 rapid she sees.

We leave tomorrow and come back next Monday, so don't mind the gap in my droning narrative. I'll be doing some swimming, and maybe some hiking, and probably a whole lot of beer drinking. Oh, and probably petting Dog after she has, unbeknownst to us, trampled through a wad of the poison oak that grows everywhere down there.

Also driving! Lots and lots and lots of driving! Whee!

I have new books to keep me company on this trip. After a very pleasant lunch with Chiara, where I ate my own weight in chicken pataka (pakala? takapa? something tasty and fattening and indian and good? yes), I stopped by the university bookstore and bought Oryx and Crake, and stifling a little sheep-bleat, Life of Pi.

I literally bought Life of Pi because of the sheer number of times I have encountered it, looming seductively from various shelves. This is the Fast Food Nation Effect, where you start worrying that maybe you're the only person left on earth that hasn't read the damn book, and so you finally make your guilty purchase.

I passed by the towering stack of new Harry Potters without a second thought, though. I don't know why the Harry Potter thing continues to elude me. It's just the sort of phenomenon that would normally be deeply appealing to me and I would be all panting and drooling over my upcoming Amazon shipment, but it's just passed me by. Maybe secretly I'm intimidated by how HUGE those fucking books are. So big! Hurts to carry!

So I'm armed with reading material. And more than one bag of cheese flavored corn rings (they're in the rice cake part of your grocery store and they kick motherfucking snack-food ass) And SPF 4582721, or something. I thought I was also going to have a spiffy new hat from Old Navy that I purchased the other day for six bucks, but apparently S/M is not a size that fits my huge enormous flappy head. Also, when will I learn? The apparel items, they must be tried on.

Okay! Rambling! You have a good week now, you hear?

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