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06.28.2003 - 12:21 p.m.


I used to be a huge horror movie fan, the gorier the better. Obsessively watching intestine-spattered flicks was a hobby that went along nicely with my charming habit of ringing my eyes with an inch of black eyeliner on a daily basis.

Somewhere along the way I lost both the desire to be a melodramatic Vampira-clone (my appearance represents my troubled mind, please pass the Manic Panic) and to watch every gorefest that oozed its way onto Blockbuster's Horror section shelf.

However, I still get excited when a movie comes out that looks like it might actually be scary, as opposed to Good Lookin' Teens + Guy Who Keeps On Killin' Em = Cinematic Gold!

The Ring scared the shit out of me. I thought that was a genuinely frightening movie. Come on, don't tell me you didn't get skeeved out by that scene in the well with the hair…the wet hair everywhere….gah!

So last night I dragged JB to 28 Days Later. He was whining and blatting about wanting to see the Italian Job, but I stubbornly refused to give in. "It's got zombies," I said, drawing on my miniscule knowledge of what the film was actually about, "and...zombies fucking rule!"

Whoah, now that I type out the word "zombie" it really doesn't look right. Shouldn't it look scarier? It looks funny. ZOMBIE. Hee.

Anyway, I liked 28 Days. The movie isn't your run of the mill crappy low budget flick - the cinematography is pretty impressive. There's some footage at the beginning with a guy walking through an absolutely deserted London, and I don't know how the shit they filmed that but it is creepy as hell. The rest of it had several incredibly tense/startling scenes that had me doing my patented method of blurring my vision as I stare at the screen so I'm a little removed from the part I know is coming but I don't look like a pussy. Verdict: ok plot, decent filmmaking, and genuinely scary. Thumbs up.

JB thought it semi-sucked. "Myeh," he said as we left the theater. "Italian Job would've been better." I don't know, man. Charlize Theron? Seth Fucking Green?


Hey, I have a question for you, since you guys are always so helpful and shit. I downloaded a couple different filesharing programs a while back, for the purpose of finding and legally purchasing music online, you know? Ever since then, I have had this really annoying problem with pop-ups. I deleted the apps and all the associated junk they install, but I can't figure out how to stop the ads. It's random, sometimes they spawn when I launch the browser, sometimes it's when I hit a certain page - but it's definitely not the websites serving them up, it's something triggered by the browser. Does anyone know how to get rid of this?


I can't remember whose site I was on when I saw a link to this, but thank you, Mystery Person, for providing me with such hilarity.

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