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06.02.2003 - 5:16 p.m.


The pair of sunglasses I've worn for the last few years came from The Bon, I think. At around $20, they were officially the most expensive pair I ever owned. For a while it seemed like any pair of sunglasses I had were doomed to be sat on, left behind, scratched, etc, so I bought what I considered an expensive pair in the hopes I would learn to be more careful with them. And it worked, until a couple weeks ago when I was hiking with JB and looped my glasses through a strap on the back of my Camelback. Later in the hike I realized they had disappeared, fallen off at some point on the trail.

So I needed a new pair. JB suggested I should get something with better eye protection. "It's time you had a REAL pair of glasses," he said, as if I'd been wearing empty wire frames for years. We went to the mall and cruised a Sunglasses Hut (where we saw, I swear, a Russian mail order bride, but that's another story) and I ended up with The Coolest Glasses Ever And Also, In Addition, The Most Expensive.

Dear GOD don't let me sit on these things. They're Oakleys, slick little numbers that transform me magically into Carrie-Ann Moss (well…ok, not really). They somehow manage to drastically reduce glare without seeming too dark. I asked JB if it was really okay to spend so much on them (he's got Oakleys too, so, you know, that helps) and he said it just meant he could buy more dive gear, and if that ain't a healthy marriage and recipe for bankruptcy I don't know what is.

While we were at the mall I also bought a container of Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop and jesus fucking christ that stuff is awesome. I want to eat it. I want to roll in it naked. I want to ice a cake with it. How did I, a big fan of goo and all things goo-related, not know about this wonderful marvelous product?

Later, the purchase of the Oakleys led us to contemplate office furniture. It was like this: we finally decided to get rid of the ancient chair that's been shoved in the guest room for lack of space, and this small home improvement made me wish our office area looked better because we just had two decrepit dining room chairs in front of the desk, which not only looks like shit but is really uncomfortable when you spend as much time in front of computers as we do.

"If we can afford overpriced sunglasses," I trumpeted, "we can afford decent office chairs!" Of course, that's a pretty stupid comparison, but shut up.

In other news, Dog sometimes sleeps with her paw hooked over her nose, and I took a picture of it today:


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