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06.05.2003 - 12:42 p.m.


My new fancy sunglasses have a flaw - they have wire frames with attached nose-rest pieces, and those get tangled in my hair when I put the glasses on top of my head. They're still wicked cool, though. Check 'em out.

The way the lenses curve against your face, like the frames almost don't need to be there, reminds me of the Neuromancer character Molly. Remember her, the hired gun, with the mirrored shades surgically attached to her face, and the razors under her nails that she could slide out? I found her deeply appealing, the idea of this kick-ass chick, steel and skin and carbonite, whose expression was forever inscrutable - although, now that I think about it, I guess you could question Gibson's concept of presenting feminine beauty as something that will reflect her lover's face rather than present her own.

Still, though, the juxtaposition of flesh and machinery, the augmented body, those things intrigue me very much. Evolution by way of technology! If you could advance a physical sense or ability; learn a foreign language, a motor skill, all by way of hardware or software - wouldn't you do it? Or would you think it was unnatural? What is natural, when humans are constantly improving the ability to metamorphose their own bodies?

I don't understand, as a whole, opposition to plastic surgery. I mean, it's probably often done for reasons that some may deem unhealthy, or taken to extremes that society doesn't understand, but in general why not alter your body, if that's what you want to do? My so-called natural self includes the following, top to bottom:

Hair: pigment changed through chemicals.
Eyes: vision corrected through laser surgery.
Face: eyebrows plucked; brows, lashes, cheeks, eyelids, and lips "enhanced" (dubiously) with cosmetics.
Teeth: placement and structure altered through extractions and various mechanical devices.
Ears: holes drilled through lobes.
Body: hair removed from some areas by shaving, overall pigment changed by purposeful sun exposure, a number of designs etched into skin by ink-covered needles.

Those are all relatively acceptable body changes, right? Most of them come with some degree of permanence - not much different from going under the knife.

For the record, I'm not actually considering plastic surgery, just nattering on about it. OR AM I? Maybe I'm going to get a pair of enormous giant DD titties! Yowza!

Well, or not.

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