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05.02.2002 - 7:48 a.m.

I seem to write a lot of unbelievably trite crap in this diary about how time goes by so quickly, like I'm all onto some new theory or something. I'm all Stephen Hawking and stuff.

I guess it just continually surprises the hell out of me, how days and months and years fly by. Surprises me and sort of freaks me out at the same time. I think about this past year, how I spent the majority of it bemoaning my unemployed self. How it could have been better. How it has changed.

And, this weekend marks my one year anniversary being married to JB. A WHOLE YEAR has passed since I was scrambling to pull together our little wedding. I just can't hardly believe it.

We had been engaged since New Year's Eve 2000. I had wanted a semi-long engagement - partially to be certain with each other, and partially to bask in the sun-dappled glory that is engagement. I finally settled on a date in 2001: May 5. No particular reason, it just seemed a good solid date. (No, it had nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo. Unless that means we get free beer from Corona or something.)

We didn't want a big wedding. Didn't want the stress, the expense, the freaking table decorations, you know? So we opted for a celebration with close family only - 13 people total. Now, where to go? I hemmed and hawed and came up with 100 stupid ideas before settling on Orcas Island.

O, beautiful San Juans. So lovely and green and quiet and pleasant. We prayed and hoped and pled for good weather. It rained like hell the first night - and on our actual wedding day the skies were blue and angels sang and....ok, it stopped raining, all right? It was a wonderful day, we got hitched, everyone had lunch then champagne and cake, and then JB and I hopped a flight to Florida.

Is this not the cutest li'l chapel? Such a pretty setting. You can rent it too, if you're wondering.


It's even nicer on the inside!


Yar, the wedded couple. I was mildly freezing the whole time, but my adrenaline was through the roof ("oh god oh god please don't fuck up vows please don't fuck up vows") so I didn't really notice.


Heh. This is JB's brother. Isn't he CRAFTY looking?


So what the hell did we do in Florida? We took a weeklong cruise to the western Carribean. Oh me, I wish we could do that again someday. It was just wonderful.

These are STINGRAYS!!! We got to swim with them and pet them and feed them and EVERYTHING.


This is why we both gained 19438348 pounds from the cruise. They feed you and feed you and feed you like you are a VEAL calf or something. Oh, also there is champagne with everything, which frankly is a lovely and effervescent way to live your life.


Ah. So anyway, it's been a year and I'm just staggered by the passage of time, once more. To celebrate, we are heading back to Orcas island for the weekend.

To relax. And remember.

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