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04.30.2002 - 10:04 p.m.

At first, when I started driving to and from work, I was all enamored with the radio. I was like 'Oooh, non predefined music rotation '. Now I am royally sick and tired of it and I really really really want a CD player. For the majority of my commute I am flailing at the buttons trying to find a station not playing 1) a commercial, 2) Creed, 3) that retarded song where the chick is going "oops, there goes my shirt..up over my head..."

So what I've been doing lately is playing this old Ella Fitzgerald tape over and over. It's the only tape that hasn't basically self destructed from mummifying in the car for so long - and as I mentioned, there is no CD player. And I'm just slaughtering Ella with my hideous-ass voice - "Say it's only a paper mooooOOON ARF ARF ARRROOOOO".

There's one station that claims to be "the new beat" of Seattle. That one occasionally dishes up some real winners, like that old song "Word Up", which they played this morning. Stupidest. Song. Ever.

"Word up, everybody say
When you hear the call you've got to get it underway
Word up, it's the code word
No matter where you say it
You know that you'll be heard"

Oh yeah. That's the kind of rockin' cool tune that really makes a traffic-y commute more pleasurable. Not. Hi, "New Beat" people? Um, YOU SUCK. Love, Sundry.

Speaking of stuff that sucks, my legs suck. Remember how I was saying I was going to get all Carl Lewis on the trail that goes by the office? I've jogged exactly 3 times now - which is good! yay! - but each time I'm all bandy-legged and gimpy afterwards - which is bad! boo! My MO is this: I jog until I start to strip trees of their leaves with my gasping, then I walk, then I feebly start jogging again. I always get self conscious when I pass someone in my walking stage, all red-faced and wheezy. I feel like I want to tell them that I was just now running, dammit. There's a reason why my lungs have collapsed and I am jamming a Bic pen into my trachea to get more air.

I'm hoping to pass through this stage of everything hurting and mutate into a lithe, ripped package of Wupass. Yeah.

I'll, uh, keep you posted on that. (cough)

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