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04.05.2002 - 7:46 a.m.

All riiight, Friday! It's Friday, whoo yeah! Thank god, this week has been HELL, what with all the raging deadlines and meetings and -

Ok, ok, I did sort of officially just start my job yesterday. But I can still revel in the joy that is Friday, can't I? 'Cause I'm a working woman now, baby!

I spent a good part of my day cleaning out my new work space. I can't stand an office full of clutter, and this place was like Piles-O-Crapville, USA. I stacked software boxes, moved towers of magazines and CDs, and organized papers, all the while hacking from the giant kerfuffles of dustballs and cat hair tumbleweeds. The office manager took one look at the dust coating that settled on everything from my tidying and called the cleaning staff to bitch them out.

Wads of cat hair. I mean, you don't find that everyday at the office, eh? There are two cats, both of which do not care for me. And I fancy myself rather a likeable person, petwise. Apparently they are rather snooty in general, which is too bad. I like the idea of taking a break from a particularly odious project and having a brisk affection session (um, the legal kind) with a friendly pet. Perhaps I should suggest some golden retrievers or something.

There is also a massive fish tank. So far the fish seem impassive, but I haven't really 'reached out'. There's a bird, too, in an office upstairs. Its sole purpose in life seems to be letting go with an earsplitting screech once every 10 minutes or so. It's far enough away so that it doesn't bug me, but I can't figure how the guy who has it in his room can stand it.

So far everyone I've spent time with seems receptive and friendly. Ha HA, I will get them in my clutches and then BAM - it's hammer time. Er, if 'hammer time' actually means 'asking everybody a bunch of questions like a 3 year old until they run screaming from the office'. "So, does the product do this? How does it do this? What about that? Why? Why? Why?"

Did I mention that the company provides lunch AND dinner? With their on-staff chefs? Jesus. I'm already starting to worry about the potential size of my ass. These are programmers, folks. Who work in the middle of the night. The food is plentiful, and NOT HEALTHY. There are like 8391 Haagen-Dazs bars in the freezer! Oceans of Mountain Dew! Bags of salt & vinegar chips in the cupboards! And that's just the snacks!

I will have to put in a request for Diet Coke and mini carrots.

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