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04.04.2002 - 8:40 a.m.

I have given a lot of thought to this moment. The announcement I was really looking forward to writing in this diary. A significant and much-anticipating change in my life. I thought of writing the words in trumpeting 72-point type, maybe in bold italic Times Roman or something.

But, I think…I think I will just say it. Calmly and quietly, like you and I were sitting together sipping coffee, and I leaned in cosily to tell you about the new occurrence in my life.

I'm pregnant.




BWAHHHHH! No, I am totally kidding. I got a job! I got a job! I'm all gainfully employed and stuff! Whoo hoo!

It's the job I was pondering about the other day, the one that doesn't pay very well. I negotiated with the owners of the company, and they have agreed that yes, I am indeed a valuable addition to ANY workplace, and yes, they will agree to my terms that include one bazillion dollars annually.

Um, or not. The pay is still kinda stinky. But there is a lot of opportunity for gaining great experience. They need a marketing ninja to come in and kick major ninja ass, and friends - I am that ninja. There's an insanely cool profit sharing program (if Ninja Sundry can start rolling in some profits, that is), all kinds of kooky fun perks, and cats running around the offices.

Perks like a full time chef that cooks up lunch and dinner for everyone. Massage. Neato office building that looks more like a beautifully decorated home. FULL BAR UPSTAIRS. Air hockey table (rad!). Big honking mega screen TV.

It's like they're bloated rich dot-commers, except what they actually are is a struggling 20-person team of engineers that build apps for Mac OS X.

Can I just say, the nerdiness is palpable in the building. It's all programmer guys working bizarre hours and shuffling around in their socks and quoting obscure gaming references. I love it. Because frankly, I am comprised of a large percentage of nerd, myself. It's like coming home to the mothership.

In an 'interview' that was basically the whole company sitting around on couches talking about random stuff and occasionally asking me something that actually had to do with the position, one guy asked what my favorite movie was. My honest answer was Blade Runner*, which was met with appreciative murmuring. Another guy said, "We would also have accepted Star Wars".


"How did you stumble across this interesting and zany sounding position, Sundry?" you might ask. Or you should ask, because it's really bizarre.

A friend of mine recommended my diary to one of her friends, who thought it was funny and told her ex-fiance who happens to own a company about it, who also happened to be in the midst of losing his marketing guy. This company owner wants all the marketing writing about the company to be funny - so he called my friend who I happened to work with at my last job to ask her about me. Then he called me. Then I went in and charmed the socks offa all them engineers.

Or something to that effect. Isn't that so Six Degrees of Separation and just all around WEIRD? Who would have ever thought this diary would result in a ferchrissakes JOB?

Anyway. As of today, I'm reentering the world of employment. Hello, meetings that last too long and goattrail all over the place. Hello, angry customers and grouchy retailers. Hello, "I thought Bob took care of that!"

It's about goddamn time.

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*Sidenote about BladeRunner: When JB and I were first dating, he asked what my favorite movie was. Apparently he misheard me, because he thought I said "Blade", so he rented that retarded Wesley Snipes movie. Why he continued to date me afterwards remains a mystery.

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