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05.20.2004 - 7:14 p.m.


Those of us on the Workplace Management Team (how has it come to be that I am on such a team? MADNESS I TELL YOU) decided that the engineers, who have been in heads-down programming mode as we blast merrily by ALL of our projected ship dates - not by days but by months, mind you - are on the edge of burnout and therefore needed a day of blowing off steam.

Yesterday was declared the official fuck off and do no work day, and let me tell you, it was a fine, fine day and I highly recommend all offices consider adopting this sort of thing at least weekly.

My boss took the network down so geeks couldn't surreptitiously hunker down and code. Our chef made bagged lunches so people could either stay or take their food and go home. There was an enormous bowl of M&Ms, from which I partook most heartily. I brought in my Eddie Izzard DVD and I am here to say the only thing better than laughing at Eddie Izzard with one person is laughing with a whole room of people.

I tried to play Super Mario Cart but apparently my ability to suck at video games knows no limit.

My coworker Brian brought in a HEDGEHOG and at one point we took a picture of it being balanced on a dog's head. We fed her mealworms (the hedgehog) and everyone was happily grossed out by the chompiness of the spiny creature.

Mealworm: "Oh shit."
Us (delighted): "Ewwww!"

Her name is Quilla. Quilla the hedgehog, could you just fucking die?

My boss (who was wearing shorts, a definite Workplace anomaly for him) played "Flight of the Bumblebee" on the piano upstairs, the first time I think I've ever seen the instrument in use. It was awesome.

I spearheaded an incredibly immature mission to TP the holy hell out of an office belonging to a coworker who took off "in order to go home and work". All I am saying is, if you are provided with an opportunity to slack off and have fun, and you work in the same building as me? And you LEAVE in order to be PRODUCTIVE? Expect that you will have a metric ton of toilet paper in your office when you return, and just be glad it's not fucking used.

People played pool, computer games; ate buttered popcorn, laughed.

So, so cool. Yay for us, and our crappy estimating skills resulting in delayed product launches and unforeseen workloads!



We're having the house painted. It's gone from a sort of dirty light grey to what is called Hawthorne Yellow. I had my doubts, but I like the results so far. It's cheery. Our cheery little yellow house.

The fucked up thing is that all the windows are taped off. It's claustrophobic as heck, not being able to see out any of the windows, or open them, or anything. I mean, it's not really bothering me…I'm okay, it's cool…it's just a slight AAAAH I CAN'T BREATHE AAAHHHHHH feeling.

I do like the smell of paint. I also like the smell of gasoline, although now that it costs twenty-five damn dollars to fill my tank and you so don't even want to KNOW what JB's truck costs, I like it a little less.

Anyway, so the house. Yellow. Yep.


Tomorrow JB and I are heading to a cabin (EDIT: WARNING GAY AUDIO WARNING) at Mt. Rainier to relax, do some hiking, take pictures, watch movies, and generally try and have a low-key weekend. I hope you have a good one, whatever/whoever you're doing.

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