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12.18.2003 - 7:07 p.m.


Between now and mid-January, I am booked, you guys. I mean, sure, if you've maybe got some spiked eggnog you're looking to share, give me a call, but I'm just saying I've got places to see and people to do. Or something.

It's a strange feeling for someone whose calendar is usually wide open and flapping in the breeze, this being busy business. I've got to pack tonight for a weekend with my family, and then we're heading to Coos Bay next week to see JB's family, and then there's New Years and Macworld and just when am I going to see Return of the King?

I'm actually a little apprehensive about seeing the damn movie based on my incredibly ridiculous and junior-high-ish reaction over the last one. I mean, it resulted in a life size cardboard cutout of Aragorn living in my office, okay? I mooned over Mr. Doesn't Actually Exist for weeks.

Let's be honest, I had more than one lascivious elf-related daydream, too.

Speaking of movies, I've been wanting to see Pirates of the Caribbean forEVAH and finally remembered to Netflix it last week and when it arrived over the weekend I was all excited and yelling "Pirates! Yaaaar!" to JB, which was maybe a touch annoying but hey, and when we put in the DVD we couldn't find the "Play Movie" function anywhere but there was all kinds of extra crap and lo, it turned out we had rented the Bonus Disc instead of the actual freaking movie. So no Johnny-Depp-fey-eyeliner-action for US on that evening, sadly.


I got a surprisingly tasty bonus at Workplace, which was nice considering all the crapola that's been going on there recently, and also considering that Workplace is yet to be rolling around naked on a bed of cash (fifty dollar bills sticking to its moist hide). It paid for all of our holiday presents and then some, so yay for that. Plus, it made me feel like I could afford to leave a generous tip to our cleaning people.

We have a cleaning service that comes by every other week and scours the homestead. This is actually a Workplace perk, and I know you officially hate me now. If we ever lose that benefit, though, I am funding the Sundry Don't Do No Toilet Scrubbin service out of my own pocket, no doubt about it. The people who come by always seem super nice, and they never complain about the gross guest bathtub from hell, which despite my admittedly lukewarm efforts to keep it de-yucked, always has a film of....stuff in it due to the fact that it partially fills with dirty water every time we do a load of laundry. It's a galvanized pipe thing, I don't know. Anyway, it's always sparkling clean after they come by, so that in itself is worth spreading a little holiday cheer Maid Brigade's way.

Oh, I would totally clean it if you came and visited. I would even wash the guest bed duvet that Dog sleeps on. *cough*


I leave you with a silly picture of JB and I walking the red carpet at his office holiday party (remember? the Hollywood Glamour theme?).

Also: Dog In Holiday Lights!

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