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12.22.2003 - 7:05 p.m.


I really want to tell you about the great time JB and I had in Edmonds visiting with my family this past weekend. I want to tell you about the fun chat sessions we had that ranged from 'Blow Jobs: How Prevalent Are They', to 'The Only Book My Dog Ever Chewed Had "Bone" in the Title So How Weird Is That', which maybe suggests we had a certain conversational…theme going on (but we didn't, because we are all pure as the driven snow).

There's a lot of things I want to write about, like how awesome you've been all year and how glad I am to have you to talk with and how this January 1st I am not writing any damn resolutions because that shit is just too embarrassing. But I've got to go do laundry and pack and wrap JB's last present and tomorrow we're hitting the road, so happy holidays from me, okay? I hope you have an awesome week, whatever you're doing.

And just remember:


No matter what you read, no matter what someone tells you, no matter what telethon you watch - humiliating your pets is the true meaning of Christmas.

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