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10.20.2003 - 8:40 p.m.


Supplementary photos! The JournalCon entry is here.

Montykins and Gael. My fellow Seattle-ites who both rock in addition to rolling.

Why, here is a fabulous photo of Chiara and I in the hotel elevator. It is quite illustrative and amazing, is it not? Oh, my photographic talents know no limits.

Mare, Chauffi, and Weetabix. I cannot remember what Chauffi was doing but I like to think he is trumpeting out something like "What's New Pussycat". See zee women, how zey cling to him like wee limpets? Eet is magical, yes.

LadeeLeroy, blowing everyone away in her performance at The Hideout.

No, I did NOT photoshop TranceJen and I to try and imitate a Nagel print. There was a lighting issue, okay? I love how Jen is all alabaster ivory girl and I'm like RedNose McBlushFace. My rosacea and I RULE.

Chauffi is doing something to Weetabix here. Maybe realigning her neck? Whatever, I love this picture.

Crocodile Rocks bar interior! I wish I had some karaoke photos. Especially of Montykins doing "One Night in Bangkok". Because that was the shit, you know?

How cute are Erin and Chiara? They are TOTALLY color-coordinated.

What I really need is a new word that means, collectively, "super cool", and "amazing", and "awesome", because spending time with Rob was just that word.

This sort of sums up JournalCon for me. Really. In a good way.

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JournalCon 2003

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