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07.20.2003 - 6:44 p.m.


So the TiVo arrived on Friday, and JB wrestled happily for a while in a sea of cables and outlets and whatnot, and the conclusion was drawn that in order to house the Xbox, the DVD player, the VCR, the receiver (I have no idea what the receiver is), AND the TiVo, we needed what JB referred to as "entertainment furniture" which I said "better not cost too much dammit."

Seeking out this specialized purchase required a trip to not only Best Buy, but also Circuit City, both of which are destinations that seem to provide JB with the equivalent experience of me visiting a Sephora (hundreds of deeply appealing items, most of which are out of price range and therefore generalized drooling occurs).

At Circuit City, we found a happy medium between utilitarian and Downright Fugly. JB asked an employee, jokingly, if we could just take home the assembled item. "No, dude", the guy said mournfully, "People like me have to come in early to put those floor models together."

O, the plight of Circuit City employees! I sure hope Dateline does an in depth investigation of their working conditions!

Yesterday afternoon JB planted himself in the living room and set upon the task of assembling our new TV-stand-component-holder-whatchamabob, and I headed out to our front yard to dig some holes. Five holes, to be exact, that would each need to be large enough to hold a 5 gallon Escallonia.

Right after my first mighty thrust downward pierced the earth all of 1/10th of an inch, I realized this was going to be a very sucky task indeed. Not only was the ground rock hard and full of evil roots, but yesterday? Was like, a billion degrees. I dug and dug and dug until I was so hot and exhausted, I had to go take a break in the shade until the shimmering pink elephants lazily circling my head disappeared. Three holes into the job I finally admitted defeat and enlisted help from JB, who dug the remainder while I planted everything. By 8 PM I was absolutely filthy, covered in sweat and dirt, and totally drained.

After a revitalizing cold shower followed by several medicinal Pacificos, we enjoyed back to back episodes of Sex and The City, Oz, and Sopranos. Hooray, HBO!

Today JB spent some time programming the TiVo and subsequently snickering contemptuously at its recommendations ("Sanford and Son? I don't think so"). It's now set to record such enriching and educational shows as The Simpsons and Real Sex, as well as being on the lookout for shows with the keywords "Navy Seals", "Firearms", or "Yoga". I can't imagine what sort of viewing demographic we'll eventually fall into.

We went downtown in the afternoon and took the monorail over to the Seattle Center for the Bite, which is sort of less about being a "first-class festival with food" and more about shuffling along slowly through teeming crowds while getting your ankle whapped by a stroller every two minutes. But it was fun to people-watch, and fun to ride the monorail on such a pretty day, and fun to eat a laundry-basket sized portion of strawberry shortcake.

Although we had already been to Circuit City twice, once for the TV stand and once for some kind of A/V switcher dealie, we headed back again this afternoon for yet another component thingie. Honestly, I suspect JB is now making up excuses to buy toys by relying on my lack of knowledge in this arena. Maybe I should drag him to Sephora.

And after that - off to the dog park, where Dog romped around excitedly, pooped in a nicely secluded area that did not require Poop Damage Control, and splashed in the water while both JB and I stood knee deep trying to cool off.

It's been a good summer weekend, and I'm drinking lemonade. I hope your weekend has been good, and lemonade-worthy, too.


Oblivious human in your ridiculous Hawaii-print fur, please take
notice of me and my Frisbee. Throw it, for I cannot.

HELLOOOO? Do my melty brown eyes not charm you? What does a Dog have to do to get a little help around here? THROW THE FRISBEE DAMN YOU.

Dude. I totally found the catnip, dude. I'm totally laying on it. I ate a bunch and then I rolled in the dirt and now I'm just, like, hanging out on top of it. God it's so awesome to have it right there underneath me like that. This is the best.

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