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07.24.2003 - 7:20 p.m.


I'm loving the TiVo. Seriously, it rocks so very hard. We watched a recorded Daily Show yesterday, and while I was laughing my ass off, I turned to JB and said "This is awesome! We never stay up late enough to watch this!". Then we high-fived. Because we are just that cool.

Not! We totally missed hands.

I'm all about the HBO love, too. I think Project Greenlight is going to be my favorite new show.


So, I've been asked to write a blog for Workplace. I produce a newsletter every now and then that's totally informal and goofy in tone, and some of the folks at Workplace want more of that type of thing - they view the serious press releases I write as boring and corporate (they can't seem to understand that news sites don't actually reprint your hilarious hyperbole).

Assuming there's some subset of the Mac market that's geeky enough to actually read this thing, I'm supposed to come up with a sort of humorous "Life at Workplace", which Funky Boss tells me should be totally uncensored and truthful.

Dig if you will the deeply appealing notion of being asked to write a snarky journal as part of your JOB.

But the thing is, Conservative Boss is a polar opposite of Funky Boss. And C.B. is actually my real boss in the sense that I report to him, blah blah blah. I have to run my newsletter by C.B. each time I get ready to send it out, and pretty much every single time he edits it.

Which is fine! He's got the right. I just don't get how a blog is going to work. If I have to run each update past a reviewing process - well, I'm trying to imagine how it would feel to be asked to change something in this journal. Fuck you, Jack, it's MY journal, is how I would feel.

A blog is a personal thing, you know? If I'm representing myself, albeit in the context of pimping my company, I don't want to be asked to write something I wouldn't normally.

Clearly I need to straddle a happy medium (my goodness, that sounds suggestive - where are these "mediums", and can I purchase the vibrating variety?) between seeing this blog as my own I've-got-the-conch, and seeing it as Workplace's.

And "uncensored and truthful", my fucking ass. PLEASE.


Random silly pictures:

I like how refreshingly honest TiVo is.

A man, a Cat, a Dog, and a remote. Dog is going "Huh huh huh huh" while Cat stares in amused disgust.

Happy Dog! She says hi! (Also the armadillo says hi! He says "Hi, I am sorry to say I am currently clamped in a dog's mouth! Christ it stinks in here! Hi!")

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