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04.17.2003 - 7:44 p.m.


I tell you that I live in Seattle, but really, I don't. I live Across The Lake. On the east side. People think once you move from the west side to the east side you become completely boring and suburbanized, but, ha ha, that's not true! No, really!


We live in Bellevue, which is a vast stretch of middle-to-upper-class houses, strip malls, and a "prestigious high-rise core" that looks deceptively like it could be a Hip Urban Downtown Area but is actually a boring clot of banks/insurance companies/dying tech firms.

There are no cute bistros, quaint shop(pe)s, or cool bars in Bellevue. There are many, many movie theaters, Blockbusters, nail salons, "Jitters" espresso drive-thrus, Radio Shacks, grocery stores, dry cleaners, Home Depots. There is a retail mall with what I have heard someone at Workplace refer to as "the classiest Hooters I've ever been to". Almost every single car you see has a red circular tag hanging from the rearview mirror marking them as a Microsoft employee, and on 148th street there is always some sad fucker wearing a yellow sandwich board sign (advertising a mattress store) halfheartedly waving at people driving by.

Despite its lack of excitement, Bellevue works for me and our homebody lifestyle - I mean, what do I do on the weekends? I buy groceries, go to the dry cleaners, rent movies, et-fucking-cetera. My neighborhood, while not exactly 'charming', has everything I need. Our house is at the end of a quiet block, and there are any number of parks nearby with ponds full of ducks. There's a Half Price Books in the Crossroads mall down the way, along with an Old Navy. Just past the gardening center is Uwajimaya where I can get sushi supplies. And let's not forget Planet TanFastic where one can pay for the privilege of having carcinogens beamed into one's body.

While I like where I live, I'm glad for my commute - at least, on the days when it doesn't take very long. My drive to work takes me onto 520 westbound, where I cross Lake Washington and am startled anew on a daily basis by the beauty of this area. Amazing houses dot the shoreline, waterbirds are everywhere, and if I'm lucky, I can see the jagged white tops of the Olympics on the way there, and Mt. Rainier on the way back.

This weekend we are going to drive and drive and drive and hopefully eventually reach the southern Oregon coast where we are visiting JB's folks in Coos Bay. I'm crossing my fingers that the weather is halfway decent so we can have some beach outings with Dog.

We're stopping in Eugene tomorrow night to see JB's brother, and we are going to join a mutual friend's 21st birthday bash - which is purported to include a trip to the Great Alaskan Bush Company, which, as its name ever-so-classily implies, is a strip joint. So THIS boring suburbanite is going to see some tits and ass, folks!

Let's hope I can stay up past 9 PM.

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