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02.14.2003 -

I've been lucky

we had known each other for a while but it was
a new year's party in 1999 when we kissed
(at midnight, but also before, before, and before)

our first official date, I kept the tickets
god, neither one of us liked the movie
but it didn't matter, your hand was on my leg and
mine on yours

you took me to buy this coat, remember?
I still have it, we still go hiking together

we took a gamble
moved to a house in Las Vegas
we had so, so much fun (so! much!)

the very next new year's
you gave me the most beautiful ring with
a question
I had
say yes

back in the Northwest
you and I said I do, and oh it was so
perfect, all of it, so perfect

we have our own house now
all of this that we love

and we have
the grouchy one

the goofy one

and each other.

happy valentine's day, baby.

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