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02.13.2003 -


I am wearing my hair in pigtails today, which I assure you is neither cute nor charming. I can't do a regular ponytail, though - it gives me a headache. And when one chooses to eschew the shower on a Thursday morning, one must simply do something with one's unwashed hair.

I just thought I'd share that incredibly miniscule, boring tidbit from my daily life. Whee!

So Valentine's day is tomorrow, and this year I managed to get myself all spun up over it. To my defense, I share an office with Molly the Recently Engaged Girl, who told me her fiancee was planning a great big surprise for her on Valentine's day and oh what did JB and I have plans to do? Truth is, we had no plans - normally we make cards for each other and call it good. I quickly took the pressure I felt from Molly and applied it, hand over fist, to JB. The poor guy called a billion (well, "a few") different restaurants and experienced the joy of having a hostess laugh until they crap their pants. Turns out people tend to make reservations ahead of time for Valentine's day - who knew?

Oh well, I'm over it. I made him a card that I think is quite nice, and we're planning to head to our neighborhood sushi place (that doesn't take reservations), sit at the bar, and drink sake and eat sushi until we have to be carried out with forklifts. Sexy, no? Grrowr!

Speaking of questionably sexy things, how dorky is that Joe Millionaire episode where he makes out with the blonde chick? Where they "escape" the camera crew and it's all dark and they put up the captions? "Mwah". "Slurp." "Oooh." "Slurp." The fuck? Mwah?

I'm pissed at that show because I've avoided it since it came on, and then I decided I would watch last week's episode because I thought it was the LAST ONE, and I just wanted to see the girls' faces crumple as they find out they've been humiliated on national television for weeks on end. But no, it wasn't the last show, and now there's a freaking 2 hour finale. With a "major twist". Humph. I'm so angry I'll probably watch the whole fucking thing, that's how mad I am! Yeah, so there, Mr. Big Shot TV Network. *cough*

On my way to work this morning I sang along with Chris Isaak's San Francisco Days. Then it got to the song "Two Hearts". I started grinning the instead I heard opening guitar notes, because I LOVE singing along to that song. My voice? Can peel paint. Do I care when I'm alone in my car and "Two Hearts" is playing? Not a whit.

Me: "Two hearts, two hearts just to hold love." (somewhere, somehow, Chris Isaak reaches for a bottle of ibuprofen)
Me: "Two hearts, two hearts just to hold your lo-o-o-o-o-ve." (dogs in Africa begin howling)
Me: "Your lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ve!!!!" (in the farthest reaches of space, several constellations go dark)

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