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01.29.2003 - 7:49 p.m.


I haven't been drinking coffee at work lately. I don't know why, maybe I got sick of wrestling with the espresso machine or something. For whatever reason, today I made a double latte in the morning, and had a second one in the late afternoon. Not. A good. Idea. At. All. Being completely saturated with caffeine gives you a dodgy stomach, and turns your brain into one of those mechanical toys that reels around crazily, bouncing off walls and changing direction, accompanied by a mental soundtrack of drunken circus music.

It was in this fragile state that I got in my car to drive home, only to be assaulted by the worst traffic in the universe. An hour into my commute found me still miles from home, gripping the wheel so hard indentations were forming, and fighting off the very real and rising urge to pee my pants. With nothing but a sea of red lights in front of me, I considered my options - pull over and whiz on the road? Simply Let Things Happen Naturally, and worry about the car seat later? I don't think I would have gotten myself so wound up about my bladder if my brain wasn't still careening around at 136 MPH - unlike my car, which was inching along at 12 MPH.

The happy ending is that things finally picked up and I was able to get home, hustle the dog to the backyard, and rush madly to the bathroom where angels sang, a beam of light shot down from the heavens, and all was right with the world again.

On a (sort of) related topic, my dog took a crap the size of a rolled-up sleeping bag today on a very public part of the trail near Workplace. This is incredibly bad dog ownership, to leave a steaming collection of turds for some perky jogger to mash into the tread of their Nikes. Proper etiquette demands collection of said turds in a baggie of some kind. Unfortunately, I had no bag with me. Even worse, two people were walking my way and could clearly see my dog, humped over and delivering her colossal gift to mankind right there in the open.

What to do? I had *nothing* with me. Certainly no one could expect me to reach over and grasp the poo with my hands, merrily hefting it along until I could find a trash can? So what I did was, I stood there and rooted through my pockets while the people passed by. I fixed a faraway, vaguely contemplative expression intended to communicate the fact that I HAD a bag, sure I did, but it's just that I can't remember what pocket I put it in. Shooting a furtive glance over my shoulder, I waited until they were several yards away before tearing off, leaving the mound of unlawful shit lying in wait for the hapless jogger.

Moving on to a subject that does not involve either pee OR poop, for which I am sure you are quite glad, I had lunch with the funny and charming Chiara today, whose diary is also very funny and charming. We had a wonderful chat about journals we both like, and how we got into the whole online this-is-my-life thing, and it was very fun. We both agreed that we shouldn't write entries about our lunch with links to each other's diaries and gush about how cool we thought the other person was, because that's, like, so post-Journalcon, you know? And here I am doing exactly that.

Well, this diary ain't called Sundry Original, or anything.


JB gets home tomorrow morning, huzzah! I have missed him, the house is just too dark and lonely and the TV too loud and garish and the bed too big and empty with him gone.

I am really, really looking forward to him reclaiming his title as Main Frisbee Thrower. I love Dog, but it's a fucking drag to have to stand out in the pouring rain, throwing an object covered in drool and mud, with hands that slowly atrophy into frozen, grimy claws.

Man, she digs that Frisbee. You can't even whisper the word "frisbee" around her or she goes completely batshit. It's the yin to her yang, the apple of her eye, the bottle of Seconal to her Anna Nicole Smith.


Bad latte. Go away now. Must sleep tonight. Must not grind teeth to fine powder. Nice Amstel Light…

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