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01.26.2003 - 12:37 p.m.


I couldn't think of anything to do yesterday. Our bank account is basically scraped clean until next payday, so I didn't have a lot of monetary-based options. The weather was shitty, so there wasn't much to do outside. By early afternoon I finally decided to drive to downtown Seattle and catch a matinee. It was raining that annoying sort of thick mist that causes my car to fog up like a mofo, even with the heat blasting. Hot and uncomfortable, I somehow managed to miss my exit and found myself hurtling southward, past the city. Freaking out (because I hate when I do stupid shit like that), I took the exit towards the West Seattle bridge, and ended up crawling through traffic up 4th St. towards downtown. It was becoming rapidly apparent I was going to be late, maybe was going to have to slink into the theater in the dimness of the previews like those people you absolutely detest especially when they sit right in front of your on-time ass. I parked in the convention center lot and hoofed it several blocks to the theater, only to find that despite the fact I was now 10 minutes late there was a line snaking around the block. Sighing, I stood in line for another 15 minutes or so (taking small consolation in the certainty I was at least going to miss that godawful Fandango commercial), and when I was literally 3 people away from the ticket booth, they sold out. So I went home. And that's, basically, what I did yesterday.

Well, I did watch my Netflix'd Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Which I liked, despite the dreadful music and relentless whinnying.


I talked with JB early this morning; it was 6 AM my time, for him it was like 11 PM Wednesday, or something. Poor JB, he finally succumbed to the germs I've been carrying around in a PigPen type cloud and now he's sick. The worst part is, during his two week trip in Asia, he keeps having to fly from one place to another.

"I'm completely stuffed up, and this last flight pushed it all to my ears," he told me. "So I'm practically deaf. And this part of Japan has no English anywhere so I can't read any signs or anything. And we're in this hotel that was a 3 hour bus trip from the airport, and I swear to god it's made for midgets. The bed comes up to my knees. The pillows have beads in them for stuffing."

"Poor baby. That sucks."

"Yeah," he said mournfully. "I'm Helen fucking Keller here, with a bead pillow."


I had a restless night where I woke at 2 AM and, as happens occasionally when JB is gone, got myself worked into a state of - wait, I bet you think this is going to turn into another Aragorn smutfest, don't you. "Worked into a state of glassy-eyed lust", maybe. "A state of tingling nerve endings and ragged breathing."

Well, no. And frankly, I don't know if interrupting myself in my own journal for entertainment purposes was such a hot idea. Sorry.

What happened was that I decided every single tiny noise I heard was someone trying to break into the house to kill me. I spent what felt like hours reviewing all the entrances mentally, and straining my ears like a bat to listen for jimmied locks, heavy footfalls. I was wide-eyed, staring into the darkness of my bedroom telling myself to calm down, that Dog would notify me if anyone came inside. I can't be sure Dog would actually protect me, but I would definitely hear the thumping of her tail as she joyfully greeted the nice masked gunman.

I finally got out of bed to get some water, and opened my door cautiously to find - Dog and Cat, sitting just outside the door, as always. Dog immediately ran off to get her stuffed armadillo toy, which she likes to have jammed in her mouth whenever she's excited, which causes her to make giant piglike whuffling sounds. Wiggling ecstatically, she whapped her tail along the wall of the hallway, making little moans of happiness along with the snorts and whuffs. Cat launched into a series of lengthy yowls, barely taking the time to inhale before issuing another wavering greeting/complaint, and wound tightly around my ankles as I shuffled to the kitchen. Both of them swarmed around me like a mini herd of buffalo, begging for dog biscuits and Whisker Lickin's. I fed them a snack and fought my way back to bed through the mass of furry bodies. When I closed my bedroom door, I could hear the soft whump of the dog collapsing with her head pressed against the frame. The cat issued some last blerts, meets, and mows before settling nearby. I fell asleep almost immediately, no longer hearing anything that scared me.

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