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01.13.2003 - 6:54 p.m.


Can I just say you guys are the best. Thank you so much for the nice guestbook entries.

I'm having some doubts about Workplace, and my role there. And it's a familiar feeling, this creeping sense of unhappiness and self criticism. Like dating a string of shitheads and starting to wonder whether it's your fault or just bad luck - did you seek this out, or is it just the way the cards fell? Who knows.

It must be a Good Thing, to analyze what's going on, to figure out what steps I need to take to make things better. Not a Fun Thing, but a Necessary Thing.


Ok, so I saw this movie yesterday - I don't know, you probably haven't heard of it. It's about this ring? And there's these weird short dudes called hobbies or something?

Yeah, so I'm officially the last person on the face of the planet to see the LOTR: Two Towers. I'm thinking about maybe buying a pair of low rise jeans, just to step into the now. Anyway, what a movie! I mean, yeah, with the gorgeous scenery and the exciting battles and the outstanding special effects and all, but let's get to what's REALLY great about that film - Aragorn.

Oh. My. GOD that man is hot. I mean, HOT. And Legalos? ALSO HOT. I want a man/elfwich, and I want it now. I haven't gotten so worked up about onscreen studliness since I was 12 and saw that one kissing scene in Top Gun (you know, where you could see Tom Cruise's tongue?).

Poor JB, I just about drove him nuts after the movie got out. "Take that corner like ARAGORN," I commanded as we drove from the parking lot. "Kill 45 Orcs with your sword, issue a loud battle cry, then hit the gas."

That part where Aragorn returns to Helms Deep, after falling from the cliff? Where he sort of bashes the door open to meet the king? He's striding forward, all cheekbones and Hotness? Paging Sundry's hormones, please collect a roiling mass of libidinousness at the front desk.

Whew. I need to think about Rush Limbaugh or something.


So check this out (sorry, dead fowl shown) - Dog is officially a Bird Dog! And all this time I have been making fun of JB for saying he wanted to take her hunting. ("Sure, she'll bring back a duck," I had snarked, "if it's shaped like a FRISBEE, that is! Buh haw haw haw!") Apparently she got the concept right away and performed like a champ.

Now if only she would get the damn Seattle Times in the morning. Maybe if I blast it with a few rounds she'll figure it out.

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