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06.06.2002 - 9:06 p.m.


Today has been Schizophrenic Weather Day: sometimes sunny, sometimes super windy, sometimes rain-splattery. My mood has been much the same - zooming all over the map from Pollyanna to Postal. It's just been one of those days, you know? You know, when your Funky Boss criticizes a decision you made in an incredibly oblique manner, like you have to unwrap some kind of complicated Hellraiser type box in order to uncover the actual meaning behind his words, which would be fine normally because it is not like you can't take criticism or something, but he's caught you in a bleak frame of mind that cannot cope with weird performance enigmas, so you act all rude and sort of snap at him then spend your afternoon feeling bad about it? That type of day.

Also I have a mosquito bite on my leg and it really itches, dammit.


So I got my hair cut a couple days ago. I decided to officially dump Marty the Almost Certainly Gay Hairdresser, because he's 1) downtown, which is no longer convenient, 2) really really expensive, and 3) on my shit list for doing such a crap job last time. I made an appointment with a place in the UVillage mall, which is right next door, and spent the day gearing up for BANGS.

My brain was almost totally dedicated to thinking about bangs all afternoon. I was like "That (bangs bangs) press release will (bangs) probably go out (bangs-a-go-go) Friday (bangsy von bangsbangs), then." I kept thinking about how much time I spent growing them out, and would I miss them when they were gone? Would I be a big stupid Waldo head afterwards? Or a sleek sexy Bettie Page type minx?

Then I got to the salon and my new hairdresser, Vanessa the Hip Asian Girl (why does it seem like my hairdresser labels are all sort of offensive?), listened to me mumbling about bangs for about half a second before shaking her head firmly. Apparently my hair, which is evil because it's sort of curly and fluffy underneath, but mostly straight on the outer layers, isn't "right" for bangs. Because of the shape, or something. Bangs are not my hair's destiny. I get the feeling Vanessa doesn't take a lot of creative direction in her job.

But that's ok, because when it comes to hairstyles I'm completely clueless and I've always wanted someone just to take charge and tell me what would look best. "Make me your bitch, Vanessa", I said happily.

First thing she did was spend like a thousand hours doing highlights. Turns out Marty The Almost Certainly Ripping Me Off Hairdresser had been doing highlights the BAD way, the CHEAP way, the HORIZONTAL way. Vertical, apparently, is where it's at. Then she snipped and thinned and razored and flat ironed and blowdried until SHAZAM - I sat there looking at Sundry, Version 2.0. All textured and shiny and multi-hued and stuff.

Of course, trying to recreate the effect the next day (ever tried to flatiron the back of your head? It's fucking hard, ok?) resulted in a lesser improvement. More like Sundry, Version 1.5. But still! Much less of the frumpy flyaway impossibleness. And my new spray on shiner crap? Freaking rules, yo.

Yo? Yeah, YO, ok? I can say yo. Because I have been listening to a LOT of Eminem lately. I really can't explain this, either. I don't normally listen to hip hop, rap, or really anything other than Aimee Mann or Chris Isaak. And you might say Eminem is about as far from old croonin' Chris as you can get.

I bought his new CD on a total whim. JB and I walked through a CD store the other day because I wanted the new Sheryl Crow. And I saw The Eminem Show was on sale, and I remembered that I had heard one song from it that I thought was catchy, and we'd had beers with lunch, and WHATEVER I just bought the fucking thing ok?

So I've been listening to it obsessively ever since. I don't know, it's just really compelling. The shit he talks about is so raw and personal - why, it's like reading someone's diary! Someone who is really, really pissed off.

You know that dorky engineer guy in Office Space, blaring rap in his car? I'm....I'm exactly like that guy.

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