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07.28.2004 - 10:48 p.m.


Random randomnness. Also: random!


This is for you, from Cat. No, take it. She left it here on the welcome mat for YOU. You will offend her if you leave it. Just...I don't know, stuff it in your pocket or something. God.


It's Mr. Phalanges Protector! Remember kids, safety is first! Now please for to be standing back while I devour your head.



Do NOT buy this ice cream. Take it from me. Just don't. If you want to heave your lumbering ass off the couch sometime before 2005, I highly recommend giving a big old pass on the Blue Ribbon Berry Pie ice cream.


My lovely and sophisticated fellow web journallers, who are lustily pointing out the feeeeeelthy martini we have on display.


Pimp Haaaands!

Why is this of note? Because this manicure lasted exactly .3498205 seconds after I took the photo. I mourn you, pretty nails.


Here we have JB happily readying for a 4-story jump into a river.





I eschew such strenous actitivies and prefer peering off through large blades of glass. Do not get near, though, I fear I have crouched on a cow pat.

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