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09.28.2003 - 12:18 p.m.


The weather has been ridiculous this weekend. I mean, it's so beautiful if you came to visit Seattle right now you would never, ever leave. It's sunny and warm and there's a crispness to the air, a clean clear smell; the grass is green again, and the sky is a rich color of blue with the mountains distinctly outlined everywhere you look. The nights are cool and velvety and bring aromatic breezes into the open window of our bedroom. It's absolutely amazing.

Also, it SUCKS.

I wish it were clammy, cold and raining. I wish the skies were dreary and grey and drizzly. I want the sort of weather that requires holing up on the couch wrapped in a blanket, drinking something hot and laced with rum. I want to be able to mainline like 8 hours of TiVo without feeling like the world's biggest asshat for not going outside and enjoying the last hurrah of summer.

It's just entirely too cheerful outside, and my roiling-with-PMS surly-ass mood can't deal with it. JB left for another Asia business trip yesterday morning, and I swear the first couple days after he leaves I don't know what the hell to do with myself. I sit around trying to figure out activities to keep me busy and I'll end up, like, plucking my eyebrows for half an hour. And I'm not kidding about that PMS shit - my boobs are so fucking sensitive I can't even LOOK at them without gulping an ibuprofen. I wrestled them into a bra this morning and practically passed out.

Basically I'm feeling lonely but anti-social, I should be doing something to appreciate the weather but I'm achy and bloated and nothing fits, and my goddamn eyebrows are too thin now. I'm a superstar.


I don't think I enjoy anything more in the world than a good laugh, but have you ever experienced a situation where it's not appropriate to laugh, in fact it's wildly inappropriate and you can't help yourself and oh god you can't stop and the whole thing starts to feel like not funny at all but instead this frightening loss of control like shitting your pants or something, not that I would know what that feels like, and you still can't stop?

I am quite familiar with this Helpless Braying Donkey Syndrome.

Once, a few years ago, I was in an all-hands meeting at the job I was working for at the time, and something my coworker did - we were all eating lunch and I think she tried to spear a cherry tomato and it went flying - gave me a serious case of the giggles. What really made it out of control, though, was that the exact same thing happened to her. I'd just about get myself calmed down when I'd look at her and we'd both explode all over again. I tried as hard as humanly possible to get a fucking grip, but it was so bad, I had to get up and leave the meeting. It was embarrassing as hell, and I can't even guess how unprofessional it looked.

Another example:
I hadn't been dating JB for very long when I went with him to his parents' house for Easter. Traditionally, JB's mother goes to church for the occasion and I gallantly professed an interest in joining her. (Girlfriends and wives should get a fucking Purple Heart for shit like that, by the way.) JB's brother Joe decided to come along at the last minute, while JB and his dad happily avoided the whole thing.

Seated in the pew with JB's mother on my right, and Joe on my left, I was doing a decent job of lip-synching to the hymns and so on when I noticed Joe was surreptitiously drawing something on a piece of paper. I sneaked a look at him, and Joe tipped the bible he was using as a backdrop so I could see.

It was a crude drawing of Jesus. Sporting a maniacal expression. And a machine gun.

Sitting in a church? During Easter services? Next to your boyfriend's mother? Not a good time to get a laughing attack, is what I'm saying. I did the best I could, I exercised every drop of restraint I could possibly invoke, but essentially I spent several minutes shaking violently in my seat making little "h-h-h-h-h" sounds. All I could do was hope she thought I was speaking in tongues.

Anyway, the Helpless Braying Donkey Syndrome damn near happened to me at Workplace last week. My coworker Molly, my boss, and myself were interviewing a girl for our office assistant position. As we were sitting there peppering her with questions, I noticed another coworker, Brian, come striding in the room talking on his cell phone. He was oblivious to the fact that we were sitting there for a brief moment, and then he saw us.

I can't explain his reaction in a way that truly conveys how hilarious it was, but basically he came to a screeching halt, batted his arms wildly in the air, jerked himself around in several directions, then streaked from the room in a blur.

The candidate's back was to him, so she never saw anything - just kept on delivering her spiel about how organized she was and so on. I sat there, outwardly attentive, but for some reason I just kept seeing Brian's recoil in my head, over and over again. A tiny giggle escaped me, and I disguised it by loudly clearing my throat. Pretty soon I knew I was literally seconds from spraying spit all over this poor girl from hysterical laughter, so I fled, ostensibly seeking water for my "cough".

It's always the horribleness of the situation that conjures up the Helpless Braying Donkey Syndrome. I mean, if it were just a regular meeting instead of an interview, I might have snickered at Brian and that would have been that. Instead, I was sitting there listening to someone nervously tell us her job skills - a time when the interviewer's response should be something, anything other than a snicker. Cue H.B.D.S.!


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some moping around the house to do. My boobs and I vant to be alone, dahlink. Unless you've got chocolate.

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