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04.15.2003 - 8:42 p.m.


A few years ago, Workplace was rolling in cash. There were just a few engineers working as consultants, charging high rates. As a result of making so much money, Workplace owners stocked up the office with, among other things, ridiculously expensive persian rugs.

More backstory:
The other day, a large chocolate rabbit showed up on my office-mate Molly's desk. Because she had been craving chocolate for the past week, she said. The slowly disappearing rabbit came in a box labeled "Peter Rabbit." Using a Sharpie, I carefully scratched out "Peter" and wrote in "PMS".

Because I'm such a card, you know? Yeeeahhh.

So my coworker Brian brought a hedgehog to work today. I guess he's "hedgehog-sitting" for someone. Yes, that's weird. Anyway, I was sitting near Molly's desk watching the hedgehog wander around the carpet, when I noticed a small puddle appearing under its stumpy little legs.

"Uh oh," I said, frantically looking around for some sort of Hedgehog Pee Receptacle. Just then, coworker Michael came into our office. He stared at the hedgehog, which suddenly had a furrowed look to its snout. Hedgehog poo was now emerging at an alarming rate.

Michael, apparently startled into clumsiness by the visage of a small prickly animal taking a dump in the office, flailed and knocked the chocolate rabbit box off Molly's desk, which bounced dangerously near the busy hedgehog.

"I can't believe it's SHITTING on the $15,000 carpet!" Molly cried.

"PMS Rabbit almost killed the hedgehog!" I squeaked.

Michael fled.

That, really, was the dialogue highlight of my day.


I saw Spirited Away this weekend, and if you have not seen this movie, please go find a theatre showing it right now, because it is wonderful.

Also, I saw James Cameron's IMAX movie about the Titanic. Myeh. The thing is, when I think "introspective comments about historical tragedies", I don't automatically think "Bill Paxton", you know? But the 3-D stuff was cool.

Uhhh…heh-heh-heh. Cool.


I bought Morphine's "Best of 1992-1995" this weekend and really, is there a more sexy and haunting sound than Mark Sandman moaning ohhhhhhh in "I'm Free Now"? I think not.

For me, listening to certain music takes me back to the first time I heard it, in a visceral way that is not unlike how smells can be surprisingly nostalgic. Morphine's "The Night" will always, always remind me of being on a business trip, lying beside a pool listening to my CD walkman, feeling dreamy and disconnected from everything around me. Chris Isaak's "Forever Blue"; I'm with JB, driving to a casino in Vegas, dressed to the nines and ready to have fun. Sheryl Crow's "Globe Sessions" - I've just moved to Portland, and I'm driving to my new job with the windows rolled down, feeling strong and independent and free.

What will I think of, if a song makes me think of this time in my life? I wonder.

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