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02.16.2003 - 10:51 a.m.


The ubiquitous "100 things" entry!

1. I have four tattoos. Wait. I just told you that - damn. What is this, Confessional Weekend? If you'd rather skip all this crap, I suggest you check out this freaky video instead.
2. I'm an only child.
3. I don't have a favorite color, and there's no way I could decide on a favorite movie, song, or food.
4. Spiders completely and thoroughly scare the shit out of me, but I am obsessed with watching nature shows about them and getting all itchy and freaked out.
5. The only part of my body that pleases me are my calves.
6. I used to want to be a graphic designer.
7. I find Ed Harris, especially in his role in the Abyss, to be highly fuckable.
8. My favorite drink is Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic.
9. I'm pretty sure I could kick someone in the face, although I've never actually tried.
10. I really wish I could tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
11. I have a bicuspid aortic valve.
12. I once broke up with someone primarily because their name was Chuck.
13. I own a gun and I'm a pretty good shot.
14. I was arrested twice, when I was 21 - once for DUI, once for driving with a suspended license (a direct result of the DUI). Not the high point in my life, that year.
15. I have kissed two girls.
16. I can't take a fish off a hook.
17. I am totally addicted to online journals.
18. I am shamefully uneducated when it comes to politics, geography, history, and math.
19. I'm finding this a lot harder than I thought it would be - I'm only on 19?
20. I spent my summers as a child visiting my grandparents in Gulliver, Michigan, and if it turns out you can choose your heaven when you die, that's where I want to be.
21. I am apt to well up with tears over the most embarrassing things - examples include the eToys commercials that played a couple years ago, and Sharon Osbourne's speech to Ozzy during their renewal ceremony.
22. I hate throwing up or being near someone throwing up.
23. I pick my nose sometimes, and so do you! You do too!
24. I always get scared during the takeoff on a flight.
25. I almost never have problems sleeping *knocks wood*.
26. I like to cook, especially stir fry type things where you can be slapdash with the ingredients.
27. I've said this before, but I would dearly love an Aragorn/Legolas-wich.
28. My knees make a crunching sound when they flex; I once asked a doctor about it and I can't remember what the deal is - something to do with a cartilage something something.
29. Although I love my cat, I suspect I love my dog more.
30. I typically sleep on my stomach, with my arms cradling my head under the pillow.
31. I carry very little cash, it's all about the debit card with me.
32. The show Maternity Ward both squicks me out and fascinates me.
33. I used to dress fairly nicely, but with my uber-casual job I've become a tshirt-and-jeans girl.
34. When I was in high school, I overdosed on Halcyon and took a razor to both wrists and ended up in the hospital having my stomach pumped and then parked in a pych ward.
35. I think "Wil and Grace" is the funniest thing on television.
36. I lived in Chile for a year when I was a baby.
37. I have absolutely no sense of direction and I am not exaggerating that one bit - I can get lost coming back from the bathroom in a restaurant.
38. I LOVE sushi, especially when consumed with large amounts of sake and Sapporo beer.
39. I always mean to take vitamins but I never do.
40. I could happily spend five thousand bucks in Pottery Barn.
41. I once threw a clock at JB (I missed).
42. I'll be 29 next Wednesday.
43. I never graduated high school, but I did get my GED.
44. I think my dream job would be to be a high demand travel agent, closely consulting with my clients to come up with their ideal vacation, using my first-hand knowledge of the places I recommend.
45. I am really, really, really good at finding things on Google.
46. I am a tentative driver and I very much hate driving in unfamiliar territory.
47. I have a weakness for Us magazine.
48. My zipless fuck fantasy (see: Erica Jong) is this: I'm in an elevator with a sexy man I either know or do not know, the elevator gets stuck, for some reason we must huddle together for warmth, and then…
49. Every time I go down a flight of stairs, I count the stairs in my head - for some reason I have this belief I will trip if I don't count them.
50. I'm left handed.
51. In elementary school, I consistently tested very high, but just as consistently didn't do my homework, and because of this my mother eventually sent me to a shrink, which produced no results that I remember (he did teach me how to play Stratego, though).
52. I've had every orthodontic device known to man, including headgear, and something called a palatal spreading device.
53. I am very bad about putting the lids back on jars correctly.
54. My favorite thing in the world is making someone laugh.
55. This is my second marriage.
56. I love purple irises, and cala lilies, and hydrangeas.
57. I once took acid and had a complete and perfect hallucination that I was covered in grasshoppers, but for some reason it didn't scare me.
58. I've only owned two cars: a Camry, and now a Corolla.
59. The two books I've probably re-read the most are The Egg and I, and Life-Size.
60. I have worked at a day care center, a McDonalds, an Arbys, a movie theater, a video store, a Lazerquick, a Kinko's, an office where I was a receptionist, and more recently in high tech in nebulous marketing positions.
61. I used to have terrible vision until I had it corrected with lasik a few years ago.
62. I got caught shoplifting when I was a kid and it affected me so deeply I often find myself worrying that clerks think I'm stealing when I'm shopping and I try very hard to look innocent, even though I always am.
63. The buzzing sound my car makes if I take the keys from the ignition while my headlights are on fills me with an absurd gratitude each time it happens.
64. I am horribly, occasionally cripplingly, shy.
65. I hate to be told what to do.
66. I like to eat green beans right out of a can.
67. If I were asked to choose between written erotica and a porno film, I'd pick the wank-book, every time.
68. I would never last on Survivor, nor would I be able to complete any stunt on Fear Factor.
69. These are the parts of my body that were once pierced but are no longer: nose, inside ear, left nipple, tongue.
70. If exposed to enough sun, I turn a very dark brown.
71. My favorite snack is Paul Newman's pretzel sticks.
72. The first show I saw was the Pixies; the most recent was Aimee Mann.
73. I take things very personally and I'm easily wounded.
74. I cannot have my feet trapped when I'm in bed - if the covers are tucked under at the base of the bed, I have to kick them free so my feet can "breathe".
75. I once put sugar in someone's gas tank.
76. I am absolutely fascinated by extreme physical deformities.
77. I won a spelling bee in 6th grade.
78. I like boys who like comic books.
79. In middle school, I had a Vision Shredder skateboard, but I never got very good with it.
80. My grandfather died of Alzheimer's, in a nursing home, and I only visited him once while he was there, and I feel very guilty about that.
81. You would never, ever guess that I have naturally curly hair.
82. Runny eggs gack me out, big time
83. I make JB open those Pillsbury canisters because they make me nervous.
84. I abhor the sound of a fork screeching against a plate.
85. I'm very physically flexible.
86. I love animals very much, even though I am not a vegetarian.
87. If I were to choose two songs to be played at my funeral, I would pick "Highway Man", and "In Your Time".
88. I am not religious, at all.
89. I think it's really, really weird that I like Eminem so much.
90. It seems to me that I am always the person to move aside, on sidewalks etc, instead of someone else getting out of my way.
91. I find something soothing and predictable and watchable about the show "Friends".
92. I have always wished for better eyebrows.
93. I absolutely cannot take a crap outside, which has made for a couple of uncomfortable camping trips.
94. I probably cuss too goddamn fucking much.
95. Someday, I would love to have a horse.
96. The sound of someone cracking their knuckles puts my hair on end.
97. I can't go underwater without holding my nose.
98. When it comes to a dish that is typically served with parmesan cheese, such as spaghetti or Caesar salads, in my opinion there really can never be such a thing as too MUCH parmesan cheese.
99. I would have to be drunk to the point of alcohol poisoning before I would do karaoke.
100. I have the luxury of copious amounts of free time - as this entry no doubt authenticates.

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