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11.22.2002 -


Well, here it is Friday again - teetering on the very edge of becoming The Weekend. The main thing I can think of to tell you is that I have that new Missy Elliot song stuck in my head. Keep your eye on my ba-rum-pum-pump-pump.

In other news, I had a makeover yesterday. I've never had one of those before, and dear god, I never will again. I had so much eye makeup applied to me that despite frantic swabbing with vaseline-laden Q-tips, I'm still sporting a giant layer of eyeliner. 24 hours later!

My office mate Molly had been pimping this Origins brand of skin care to me. And since she's one of those annoying people with glowing healthy skin, I figured maybe there was something to this whole department store makeup mentality vs. cheap crap from the drugstore.

Since makeup counters intimidate me (I fear the creepy combo of the Clinique white lab coat girls -we're cosmetic scientists!- and the gothed-out Mac dominatrixes), Molly accompanied me to the Origins desk at Nordstrom's. We got the standard pitch on cleansers, moisturizers, and various nebulous snake oil salves with purported magical rejuvenating powers. And then we were The Chair.

The Chair is where they sit you down and basically aim a firehose of makeup at your face. At least, that's what *I* looked like afterwards. Molly looked halfway natural, but for some reason the makeup lady felt compelled to ring my eyes until I looked like a raccoon. A raccoon at a Bauhaus show. A raccoon at a Bauhaus show somehow morphed with Tammy Faye Baker.

I did end up buying vats of skincare stuff, because you never know - there day may still come where someone describes my complexion as "peaches and cream". Of course, they would have to be staggeringly drunk, myopic, and misinformed as to what a peach actually IS, but that day may come.

So now I have this, you know, complicated routine to follow in order to clean my face. When did I turn into this person, this expensive cleanser-followed by toner-followed by something called a "skin guardian"? I used to remove makeup by falling face first into a pillow at 4 AM, dammit. O, the halcyon days of youth. If I went even one.single.morning without moisturizer these days, I would wither and crumple and dry up alarmingly, just like in The Hunger, which by the way I did NOT know was directed by Tony Scott until I went to find this link.

Bye for now. I need to exfoliate.

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