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2002-01-29 - 12:23 p.m.

I just had to clean up a couple of cat logs. Our cat has this tendency to hang her ass over the edge of her litter box and crap right on the floor. She then studiously digs in the litter forEVER as though she is actually covering something up. Which she is not, because it's on the floor, dammit, and spreading its aroma throughout the house. I even bought one of those goofy litter boxes that has a lid, so it's like a little Cat Crap Shed or something, thinking it would corral her dooks - but they still end up on the floor. Crap Shed is no match for the Floor Dumper.

In addition to the crapping-on-the-floor thing, our cat has other imperfections. She is fat. I don't mean Circus Cat Fat, but she is definitely chubby. Or voluptuous, maybe. We tease her all the time about this.

"Cat? Cat. Cat. Cat. You are soooo fat, Cat."
"Cat! Hey, Cat! Moooooooo! MOOOOOOO!"
"Cat, you look like a big furry cashew nut."
"A harbor seal."
"A hippo. No, an elephant seal!"

This is considered high entertainment in MY household.


So right now I am not feeling like the epitome of robust health. I've been infested. I woke up this morning freezing cold but with my skin burning up, and now I have this weird chest thing where if I cough even once it hurts like hell. Plus there's all this mucus action in my nose. It's a party in my immune system and everyone's invited!

I can't take any cold medicine though, because I have a phone interview today. Cold medicine, even the 'daytime' kind, makes me feel completely spaced out. I would be apt to trail off in mid sentence and forget why I was on the phone in the first place. So I have to wait until later to do those Nyquil shooters. Cause really, I like that feeling.

Mmmm, space-y.

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