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2002-01-28 - 1:45 p.m.

It SNOWED this weekend. JB and I went downtown to watch a movie (Black Hawk Down: worth the ticket price, surely the best rooting-up-a-thigh-wound-for-an-artery scene of 2002), and when we got out of the theater, there was SNOW everywhere. It made me want to run home real fast and listen to the radio to see if school was cancelled. 'Cause of all the SNOW. Wheeee!

The snow is gone now. In fact, it's all sunny and cheerful looking outside. Let me tell you, I love our view. We look out on Elliott Bay, with the Olympic mountains off to the north. I can watch ferries going back and forth. In the summer we watch big cruiseliners, lit up like chandeliers, gliding across the water to and from Alaska. What really sucks is that some condos are being built across the street from us, and will mostly block our view of the Olympics. Today they are all snow-dusted and gorgeous and look startlingly big, like maybe their cousins from Nepal nipped over for a visit. It's sad to know that pretty soon we'll be looking at some overpaid yuppies' (the sign outside trumpets that the condos are starting from the "low 500s") balconies instead.

JB thinks we should consider getting a condo. But not the hip urban living, walk to the clubs, view of the cityscape kind - the more affordable east side suburban kind. The very idea gives me hives and we practically have a screaming argument every time the subject comes up. I mean, I am adjusting to the idea that we can't pay rent forever, and that we should invest in something that will build equity, and that we probably can't afford to live anywhere near where we currently live and blah blah blah - but buying a glorified apartment in suburbia with a view of the parking lot or whatever is depressing beyond words. Lucky for ME I can't find a job and therefore we have no money to do anything. Ha. So there, condo. Bite me.

I bitched about the condo thing to my hairdresser last week. His name is Marty, and he always remembers everything from our previous conversation even though I let way too many months go by in between appointments and only see him when my roots look all Tonya Harding and shit. He also has this weirdly receptive demeanor that makes me blather away like he's my bestest friend or something. He also agrees with almost everything I say - "I KNOW. Me TOO. You SAID it, girl." - which is immensely satisfying.

Marty has never said anything along the lines of, "Say, have I happened to tell you I am gay?" but I'm fairly certain he is. Among other things, he has Gay Sideburns. I don't mean this in a bad way, they look very nice and sort of rockabilly-ish, they just somehow brand the sideburnee as gay. If I ever learn that Marty is NOT gay, I will be very sad. I want a hairdresser to be either 1) a women, or 2) gay. Once I went to a hairdresser that a friend had recommended to me, and he was 1) my age, and 2) cute, and 3) NOT gay. The whole thing felt really awkward, with all the pseudo-intimacy of hair touching and head washing. Worse, just when he had put my hair into all these foil wrappers, effectively rendering me devoid of any dignity, a whole bunch of his skater-looking buddies showed up and just sort of hung out waiting for him. I tried to look bored and nonchalant ("Oh, the foil? It's the biggest rage in Milan this season") but inwardly I was freaking out: "There are cute skater boys in here! And you look like a DORK!"

So I'm happy with Marty, the Almost Certainly Gay Hairdresser. I'm comfortable being foil-laden around him. And hey, he agreed with me about the condo thing.

Well, but then he agrees with me about everything.

Which is cool.

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