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12.21.2004 - 3:22 p.m.


So, we spent a lovely weekend in Sunriver with JB's family for an early holiday get together. It was a nice time, low key and relaxing. I wish I could bottle up the air there - tangy and snow-trimmed, full of Ponderosa pine and sagebrush.

Driving through central Oregon, flat plains stretching everywhere, mountains in the distance.

This and the following two photos were taken at the High Desert Museum. I can't remember if this is a hawk or a golden eagle or....a canary? No, not a canary.

The otters will bite.

A replica of an old sawmill. Very cool, and I guess they actually run it in the summer. That would be neat to watch, except, let's see, according to the website "Volunteers dress in period costume and re-enact..." - er, maybe not.

Mount Bachelor.

JB and his brother, stringing lights.

I took two vacation days for the Sunriver trip, and came back to find out Workplace has given us the 23-27th off. Which is cool, but damn, I wish I would have known that earlier. Also, worst timing ever - I am absolutely drowning in printing deadlines, shipping deadlines, and other assorted annoyances related to Macworld. I could use all this time off after the damn tradeshow, but hey. In a perfect world I'd just be riding my unicorn around, wearing my size-6 jeans and all, so I am used to life's little disappointments.


Speaking of a pants size I'll not likely see hanging in my closet any time soon, I have not exactly been counting points lately. It's more like I've been eating every cookie that's floated within twenty feet of my gaping holiday-excuse maw. Cookies, and chocolate, and the demon that is Kozy Shack tapioca pudding - my discipline just up and disappeared entirely. Come back, discipline! I am spilling from my low-rise Gaps; I am becoming fleshy and dimpled, which is a look that works for 18-month old children but is less attractive once you're, say, 352 months older than that.

I plan to go back to the points-counting thing, because I think that's a really healthy way to watch your weight, plus it's sort of fun to fill in the online points-counter dealie. Well, fun in a really depressing "oh boy, looks like I get an apple for dinner" kind of way. In the short term, though, I am going to eat low carb.

I KNOW. I hate the low-carb thing. It's faddish, it's the reason why there are "wraps" at Subway now (arrgh!), it gives you stank breath.

However, I have been eating nothing but carbs for the entire month of December, pretty much, and it won't kill me to cut that stuff out for a while. You know, refined sugar is totally bad for you, white flour! And, uh -

Okay. To be completely honest here, I read Laurie Notaro for the first time over the weekend, and her book was so hilarious I had to muffle my laughter with a pillow, no lie, because it was late at night and JB was trying to sleep (seriously there is this part where she describes accidentally pulling a tampon out of her purse at the grocery store that made me so completely hysterical, I had to muffle more than my laughter, if you know what I mean*), and anyway she wrote a very funny chapter about doing the no-carb diet with her husband and they both lost, I don't know, fifteen pounds or something. So I am now inspired to buy all of her books and maybe stalk her a little, and also to copy her diet, because fifteen pounds! *I* want to lose fifteen pounds!

*Two words: Dutch oven.

Anyway, it's just an experiment that will no doubt fizzle very soon, because eating ham 24/7 = gross, plus, frankly, I cannot have a long term relationship with a diet that doesn't allow Deli Rye Triscuits.

(I just tried to peel two hardboiled eggs I got from the snack section of the grocery store, and their shells were adhered with, this vaguely translucent egg-skin that would NOT come loose, no matter how vigilantly I pried with my fingernails, and I ended up peeling away all these hunks of white egg part, so the resulting meal looked like something that had been chewed up and spat back out. Also, Carb Solutions Taste Sensations? Not so much a sensation, at least not in a good way. Hate you already, low carb diet.)

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