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11.23.2004 -


I read my friend Chiara's journal entry today, which was not about mac and cheese, but it mentioned mac and cheese, sort of in passing, and apparently that was enough to lodge a mac-and-cheese-shaped thought in my brain that REFUSED to go away until there was nothing left for me to do but go to the store and purchase a box of macaroni and cheese. Mac and cheese! For dinner! Yay!

(I might even do this thing I sometimes do when there's no one around which is I dip Melba crackers IN the mac and cheese and eat it like a total BEAST.)

I'm flying to Coos Bay tomorrow, to hook up with JB and his famdamly. Hopefully the flights will be uneventful, unlike the one year we were stuck in the godforsaken armpit that is the Alaska gate at the Portland airport (I swear that gate is Purgatory, right here on earth, filled with hapless souls withering away to skeletons while their flights to Spokane and Bend and Idaho are delayed one...more...hour) while our flight was first delayed, then canceled, then we got on the plane and it flew to Eugene and turned back because of mechanical trouble, then the next flight was delayed, then we flew all the way to Coos Bay and circled the goddamn airport six or seven times - passengers with their noses pressed against the windows, fervently praying - before turning back because of fog, then we were put up in a crappy airport hotel, then we finally got there, in about the amount of time it would have taken to drive there and back, say, TWICE.

Have a wonderful holiday and screw all that bullshit about carbs.

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