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10.25.2004 - 4:05 p.m.


I suppose some people must greet Mondays with zest and vigor, leaping out of their bed at the first hint of the alarm and crying out with the sheer joy of starting a brand new week. Then again, some people have tails.



JB and I went to see The Grudge on Friday night, along with, apparently, every single high school age kid in the state of Washington. I think we ended up being the only people in the theater over 17, because all the sane adults got their tickets refunded after the first scream hit the rafters. I don't remember being quite so shrieky when I was that age, but maybe I just never got the memo that said teenage boys go crazy for girls who can split panes of glass with their voice. The audience pretty much screamed their way through the entire movie, pausing only to breathlessly call each other on their cell phones (aaaargh), but despite the major distractions I managed to enjoy it quite a bit. I may have even let out a little "eek" or two of my very own. Maybe.

On Saturday we headed to REI, where I bought a very fabulous pair of ear warmer deals that wrap around from the back of your head. Like the Oakley version of ear muffs, sort of. Slick! I also lusted after REI's entire collection of cold weather clothing, which is all cute and sporty and fleecy and looks super comfortable, unlike the two separate sweaters I tried on at the Gap last week that must have been made from Brillo pad-fed sheep.

Later in the evening we took blades to our pumpkins. This year we had three: the extra big mutant one JB always gets, the perfectly round one I always get, plus the albino pumpkin I had to buy after seeing them on display at Whole Foods. JB chapped my hide by performing a masterful carve job, producing clean lines and a rather artistic design. My idea to turn the stem of my round pumpkin into a nose didn't quite pan out, I felt, and the white pumpkin turned out to have an insanely thick shell so my tried-and-true Jack Skellington face was kind of crappy as well. But when all three are crowded together, they look pretty cool. See?

We also watched The Thing (the John Carpenter version), which I've seen like twenty times because it freaking rules. It's also got one of my favorite horror movie quotes: "I dunno what the hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off."

Sunday I did my weekly outing to the library where I made an extra-good haul, including my first taste of POWERS (our local Bellevue library has a surprisingly awesome comics collection, there must be some altruistic Microsoft geek donating his back issues or something.) I spent the rest of the afternoon blowing my diet in various ways, going so far as to bake a pumpkin cheesecake as a, ahem, "trial run" for the holidays. I also made stuffing, and that's what we had for dinner: stuffing and cheesecake. Shut up, you SO wish you were at my house last night.

It was such a fun, low-key weekend I'm in denial that it's over with. In fact, I think I hear a piece of cheesecake calling my name right now.

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