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09.15.2004 - 1:24 p.m.


Well, I've joined the throngs of POINTS counters. Points, or as Weight Watchers likes to trumpet, POINTS, are devilish little units assigned to almost every food item you can cram in your gaping maw - with the exception of diet sodas, carrot sticks, bouillon, styrofoam peanutes, and Japanese Rhinoceros beetles.

On the WW system, I get a certain amount of points per day, so I have to track what I eat in order to stay under that amount. As an example, if I were to devour a cup of all-purpose flour, I'd use up 9 points. That's kind of a lot, so I'd be much better off having a nice refreshing cup of buttermilk (2 points), or better yet, a tablespoon of vinegar (0 points).

I signed up for the whole online dealio, where you go in and enter all your meals in order to track points. It's sort of fun, although I had a rude awakening yesterday when I discovered that a particular brand of granola I've been eating used up a whopping 6.5 points first thing in the morning. Burn it! It's a witch! You can also enter in any exercise you're doing, and it will calculate out "Activity POINTS", which I guess you can save up and trade in if you want to splurge on a treat. Like, if I beaver away for thirty depressing minutes on the elliptical trainer, I get 3 whole points. Mmmm, 6 tablespoons of fat free dairy creamer!

I really, really want to lose a few (well, about 15) pounds, I've been saying that forever, and for some reason sitting around on my ass and eating whatever the hell I want doesn't seem to be working out for me. So - POINTS. Wish me luck! Also, please pass the vinegar.


God, I am digging the Amazing Race this season, aren't you? It's the best show EVER. What a drag that next week is the finale - I get such a kick out of watching Colin the Walking Embolism. Did you check out the meltdown he had last night? Where he's all kneeling in the mud going "Oh god I hate you"? Jeeeesus, what a deranged fuckwad. Remember the freaky guy in The Abyss, the military dude with the batshit crazy eyes that starts slicing up his arm and humping on the nuclear missiles? Colin has that exact same expression, like "I WILL KILL AND EAT YOUR CHILDREN". They should have a follow up competition with Colin vs. those creepy-ass twins, the ones that got kicked off a couple weeks ago; some kind of, I don't know, battle to the death...using switchblades. That would rule.

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