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09.07.2004 - 10:31 p.m.


If I were filthy rich, I'd hire someone to come out and cheer up the house right before we're due to get back from a long weekend. I'd walk in the door to a sparkling, spotless home, because all the rooms would have been scoured top to bottom and Febreeze'd (it goes without saying that someone would have performed a vigorous insect patrol). Scented candles would be burning, and something incredibly savory and fattening would be in the oven. Dog would be dutifully waiting in the living room, having been picked up from the kennel. Someone would have gone through all the newspapers that had piled up in our absence and pulled out the Northwest Living section, just so I could recover from the car ride with 4 days' worth of comics and Jumbles.

Sadly, I do not yet have a house fluffer. We arrived home this afternoon to a disturbing amount of new spiderwebs (what are the spiders getting up to while we're gone? Cruising around and pumping out web by the fucking pantsload, apparently), a small yet deafeningly loud cat, a mysterious odor emanating from the refrigerator, and - perhaps most disappointing of all - the same enormous pile of unfolded laundry we left on the dining room table last Friday.

Regardless, it's good to be back. I had a great weekend, but there's just something so soothing and familiar about coming back to your own toilet paper. You know?



Portland's greyhound racetrack. Our friends, who are getting married next weekend, had a pre-wedding get together there.

We gambled on 17 damn races, but we didn't win a dime.

Can you spot the dogs? That one in dead last is probably the one we bet to win.

In a Portland hotel elevator.

A lake in Oregon, from a log's perspective.

JB, looking all fine and shit.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Fishpole? Dork.

Snogging for the camera.

JB's family cabin, and a watchful JB.


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