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09.03.2004 - 6:28 p.m.



Andrew Bird's Weather Systems. This is a lovely, lovely album, all moody and lush and wistful, and I highly recommend that you buy it and listen to it over and over, and don't forget to watch the little QuickTime movie on the CD so you can daydream about him performing in person just for you, all lanky and half-lidded and dimpled. Mmm. Mmm.

Garden State. Loved it, love Zach Braff, love his nose, love the sexy Thievery Corporation song on the soundtrack.

Apple's new iMac. I placed an order for that tasty little piece of hardware the day they announced it, I was so excited by the prospect of actually being able to afford a G5. It's got such great marketing copy, too: "The display is the computer". Heh. Soylent Green is people!

Werther's Original caramels. Because seriously? Yum.


What do YOU have planned for the holiday weekend? JB and I are heading to Portland, where we'll spend Saturday hanging out with friends, then it's down to the cabin in Oregon for some downtime until we head back on Tuesday. I'm glad for the break, things have been way busy at work lately and I'm looking forward to 4 solid days of not thinking about my damn inbox. I plan to sleep in, finish Stiff (FASCINATING!), loll around doing a whole lot of nothin'.

And now, just for fun, a slug I found in my backyard. Oh ho ho, the things I share.

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