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06.27.2004 - 3:25 p.m.


I bought a digital camera so I could, you know, obsessively document every tedious moment of my life, and I am certainly not going to spare you the occasional slideshow.

It's not that I...uhh...worry that my existence has no MEANING without OBSERVATION, or anything. *cough*


Our potted blueberry bush, which is actually producing fruit this year. Hooray!


Okay, this is our hydrangea, which I expected to have blue flowers - instead, this gaudy pink! Someone told me you had to put copper in the dirt of your hydrangeas (they said to stick NAILS down there) because that's what turns them blue. Can someone verify that this person was not feeding me a raft of shit?


Our newly yellow house. Yellow! Yellow for happy! Happy house!



Okay. This requires explanation. Scene: JB and I are vacationing at a cabin on Mt. Rainier a while back. We are driving along a rural neighborhood when JB suddenly brakes. "What's that?" he asks, pointing at a grey lump on the side of the road. "A gross stuffed animal," I reply. "Let's rescue it," he says. I stare at him. "Seriously!" he says. I open the truck door, step out, and gingerly pick up a matted thing that bleeds off about a bucketful of water. "Ugh," I tell JB. "Aw," he says. We name the lump Harpy. Harpy appears to be a seal.


At the cabin, we throw Harpy in the washing machine. JB is startled when Harpy emerges. "Did we bleach him?" he asks nervously. Harpy had been a very dirty, unloved stuffed animal. His eyes had been removed and there was a small nail hammered through each of his front - paws? flippers?. I don't want to know how that happened, seriously.


Harpy is now throughly cherished and carried around by Dog. And used as a pillow. And only occasionally chewed.



When we had Dog groomed recently, she came back with a very, very cheesy bandana tied around her neck.


Clearly our only course of action was to tie the bandana around Cat.



These are some photos of the graveyard a few blocks from us. Oooh, maudlin.




Somethin' creepy about them words. Makes you think of shamblin' zombies, don't it?



Rounding out our foray into Gothville, here is a little spot we discovered on a walk - resting grounds for Fido and Rover, I'm guessing. Or maybe it's a neighborhood serial killer! With a lot of chutzpah!


::: ducks. Yup. Which reminds me of a stupid riddle:








PS. I have a couple more gmail invites. Sling me a line by Monday evening if you're interested!

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