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06.02.2004 - 8:15 a.m.


Ah, three day weekend. How I wish you were a four day weekend. Or perhaps a four-hundred-and-eleventeen day weekend.

It's pretty sick that a holiday dedicated to the men and women who have lost their lives in war is typically celebrated by drinking beer, but what can I say - we did our part and drank a lot of beer. We spent Saturday in Hoodsport at our friends' vacation home, and between the four of us that were of legal drinking age I'd say we put one holy hell of a dent in the nation's supply of Pacifico.

These friends have a kid, he's six. I can't imagine having the energy to parent him 24/7, but he was a kick to be around. Between the humor and relentless cuteness of the six year old, and the baby next door who took her first steps right in front of our eyes, the Why Haven't You Spawned Yet gods seemed to be emptying their arsenal at me. Not to mention our friends, who with good intent kept gently querying us about our family plans.

Luckily, I later watched the six year old pitch an enormous screaming tantrum, which spontaneously kick-started my period.

When the tide pulled back later in the evening, we waded out into the freezing cold Hood Canal water and gathered oysters, which I thought was great fun until I noticed the bazillions of little bleeding cuts all over my hands. Newsflash: oyster shells are sharp. Dog, who smelled like a great wet furry oyster after swimming the day away, had little cuts all over her paws. Poor hands! Poor Dog!

(Everyone has healed nicely, in case you were, you know, FREAKING OUT or anything.)

Sunday must have passed in a hungover daze, because I don't remember what we did after coming home. Oh, we made pasta with the most garlicky clam sauce on earth. And I fell asleep and drooled all over JB during El Mariachi. That's...yeah, that was Sunday, pretty much.

Monday we decided to venture into The City (I delivered that with an Izzard accent, you just couldn't tell), and we endured wading through the patchouli-fest that is Folklife in order to watch Bugs! at the Imax theater.

Bugs! is an awesome movie to watch, especially if you want to nervously scratch yourself all over for about forty-five minutes. It's in 3D, people. ROCK.

After that, we took the monorail downtown and did some shopping, then had a couple drinks at the Alibi Room next to Pike Place. On our return trip, we bought our train tickets and waited around. And waited. And waited. Until eventually they announced that there was a delay, which we found out this morning was, holy shit, a little problem of the monorail catching on fire.

Before we got back in the car and headed home, we ate salty greasy tortilla chips and drank lethal margaritas at what used to be our neighborhood haunt, Pesos in Queen Anne. Theme for the weekend? BOOZE AND LOTS OF IT.

Such a good weekend, though. I could do four hundred and eleventeen more days like that, easy.


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