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05.24.2004 - 4:56 p.m.


Photos from the weekend:


The cabin we stayed in. Everything was really nice, except for...

...the FREAKSHOW lamps in the bedroom. The ceramic flowery thing in the middle...the weird stitched dogchew-like rawhide shades...their unrelenting pinkness. JB bumped into one, did a double take, stared at it, then said in a wondering tone: "What are you?"

Yes, I'm a tool, but I'm a tool with striped pajamas and a giant Frappucino, thankyouverymuch. Also apparently I am auditioning for Hooters right there. What?

We drove all the way up to Paradise, where we found a LOT of snow. That's the visitor center.

Oh, have you been to the Dim Room With Backlit DEAD THINGS at the Mt. Rainier visitor center? I simply cannot recommend it enough!


When you are in the Dim Room With Backlit Dead Things, look up - very, very carefully. GAH!


Deer on the side of the road. Pretty.


Narada Falls. COLD.


I wish this photo had turned out better - all that raging water thundering down under the bridge, the snow floating everywhere. So lovely. Also, COLD.


We drove back down out of the snow (due to my whining) and did a short walk up to another falls (can't remember the name, you see it from the road).

Where shucky darn, we had to turn back because the bridge wasn't crossable. I am grinning like a loon because I wasn't looking forward to skittering across some slippery-ass wooden bridge over the WATER and all.


Um, except our hike to Carter Falls included...


This fucker. There is ONE railing there, people. ONE.


I'm smiling but I'm really trying not to drop a load in my Old Navy corduroy cargos.


After inching along with me, Ms. Chickenguts USA, JB sprinted back over for a photo op. Totally didn't use that railing, either. Bastard.


Another deer, spotted in the woods. Pretty.

Big bad Johnny and his Clint-squint. Works, though, doesn't it?

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