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05.01.2004 - 5:20 p.m.


As some of you may have guessed by my ill-advised and short lived dramatic post on Friday, I was not having what you might call a good day. There's no excuse for a mysterious O Woe Is Me entry, though - next thing, I'll be slapping up emoticons and badly Photoshopped pictures of myself. Heh.

All I can tell you is that this journal came very close to either not existing or turning into a classic trainwreck; gore-spattered bodies everywhere, smoke and burning metal, people slowing down to point and gasp.

The train did wreck, after all, and it was I who was driving (do you…drive a train?), but the ruinous machinery is hidden, for now, under my skin, under the skin of the person I hurt.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Except, you people, do you know how much I adore you? Sometimes I feel like you're on the critical path between a bullet and the back of my fucking skull.


I watched the Big Lebowski the other night, and now I can't stop yelling at Cat when she gets super loud and bitchy: "Shut the fuck up Meercat! You're out of your element!"


Today was a sunny, warm sort of day. Just the right kind of weather for a head shavin'.


Ho ho ho! I sort of wanted to leave him like this. Maybe he could get a job in Xbox.


Seriously, have I missed my calling? As a barber? Also, how much do I wish I could do this to my own pain-in-the-ass, flatiron-hairdryer-codependent hair?

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