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04.03.2004 - 1:24 p.m.


Slide show time! That's right, I have a jillion damn pictures that I am just COMPELLED to show you, despite the fact that Diaryland is not what we might call lightening fast with the image serving.

(Check me all slagging my practically-free web host. Am enormous whiny bitch.)

This page may take fourteen hours to load, or it might not. It is a mystery! To me!

If viewing other people's vacation photos isn't your cup of tea, and really, who can blame you, may I recommend instead the Reflectoporn gallery.



Our hotel in Patong; you step from the lobby right outside. I kept wincing as we walked over the threshold, expecting to whack into the glass that wasn't there.


Ze hotel pool.


Looking back towards the hotel from the beach. Not pictured: 4000 beach vendors offering garish sarongs. Yes, I bought one. What?


One of the many temples outside of businesses and homes.


JB sipping a tasty beverage at the hotel bar. Many, many tasty beverages were consumed on this trip.


A seafood restaurant on Patong Beach Road.


Do you SEE the size of those lobsters? I totally ate two.


Here is Phuket's infamous Bang-la road, home to approximately fifty thousand bars.


I highly recommend this bar for its proximity to...

...the fabulous ladyboy bar, Moulin Rose.

It's kind of sad when a guy looks better in a dress than you would. Like, a LOT better.


Other folks playing the Name That Gender game.


Patong! So crazy!


And now we have the much more sedate Kata Beach.


The view from our hotel balcony.


Check out the demure twin beds in our room. You can shove them together, but someone always gets screwed by the gap.


Another pool at the hotel, this was my favorite.


Well, except for this one. Because swim up bar = pure genius.


Orchids, orchids, everywhere in Thailand with the orchids. So pretty!


And the bougainvillea, which I am positive I just spelled wrong.


Chefs laboring to produce wonderful seafood that we will gulp like starved pelicans.


We sat at a 'cabaret' show at the hotel that culminated in a fireworks display about three damn feet above our heads. I picked pieces of carboard mortar crap out of my hair for the next hour.


Cloth lantern, purty.


And it was all we are with yet another tasty beverage. I'm not sure why I appear to have an enormous overbite.


Standing on a beach. Staring at the sky. Or something.

Sunset shot the first.

Sunset shot the second.

Downtown Bangkok, taken from our hotel room on our last day in Thailand.

Dinner at the aptly-named Vertigo.


And finally...I give to you....

Dude, I don't know. We saw this in Patong. I'm guessing you maybe want to take a pass on visiting this medical establishment.

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