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03.25.2004 - 12:47 p.m.


You may have noticed that my rambling one-sided conversations here are mostly limited to 1) How Cute Is My Dog?, 2) How Hot Is Captain Jack Sparrow?, 3) How Silly Is My Husband?, and lately, 4) Whoah, How Freaky Are Zombies?.

This is because I pride myself on having absolutely no unique opinion or informed commentary on the goings-on of today's world!

Well, okay, I don't exactly pride myself. Frankly, it's really sort of shameful.


Anyway, I do recognize my shortcomings in certain areas and that's why this here journal doesn't often march smartly up to a soapbox and Take A Stand. Other people can do it much, much better than I.

So it's not with any searing insight that I step up to the box and loudly bray:


Yes, very profound, I know. I honestly don't know how to convey the irritation I feel about this thread in Pamie's comments section. First of all, it completely blows my mind that there was such a...reaction to one sentence in her blog entry ("Also, my faith in America has been restored with Satan trumping Jesus at the box office."). For crying out fucking loud. It was a JOKE. Also, she was talking about MOVIES. MOVIES are not SACRED, dammit.

Except for True Romance. That flick rules.

But yeah, I understand that some people are very very sensitive and feel like their religion is threatened or whatever by comments like that. Fine. The thing I just cannot grok is why some people felt compelled to criticize not only her choice of phrase, but then go on to rag on her writing ("wow, this site has been incredibly boring for months"), whine about how Pamie doesn't write about pimples any more (with a request for "more stories about big boob problems, please."), and ultimately to attack other people who were posting comments ("Omar G., need help pulling that thorn of conceit out of your side?").

What? Why would you write an online journaller, who is writing about their LIFE, and demand specific subject matter? Why are people so mean to other people?

Why can't we all just get along?

See, I told you I can't write about anything serious without sounding like a cliche.

Then there's this opinion: "...the idea that people arent supposed to...critique her writing and subject matter, in her COMMENT section, is a bit ridiculous to me."

Look, maybe the comments section means different things to different writers, but I don't think it's universally meant as a grading system. When I leave comments, they are along the lines of "Hey, me too!", or "Your entry cracked me up today!", or "Dude, you should try echinacea," or "I'm sorry this shit is happening to you, you're in my thoughts". I would never leave something hurtful or rude and justify it because the writer had ASKED for it by having a comments section in the first place.

If you disagree with what someone has written, you have every right in the world to respond, but why wouldn't you do it in a decent manner? And why would you resort to insults?

Forget it, I can't do this subject justice. Go read Rob, please.

(P.S. I use the word "you" in the general sense, not "you" meaning "you", the person reading this right now, because I know you guys are not the asshats that I'm bitching about. In fact, I have never gotten an obnoxious comment or email, ever, and anyone who reads this page is a fucking god and/or goddess.).


And now for something completely different (see? with the cliches and all?), my new purse!

Isn't it cute? It's vintage, and hand-beaded, and I got it off eBay, and -

Not, not really. I bought it at Ross Dress For Less for $5.99.

Anyway, it's silly as hell and big enough to carry a few books and an iPod, so I believe this will be my travellin' purse.

Holy SHIT, you guys, tomorrow I'm flying to freaking BANGKOK. Via some sort of time travel, because when I get there it will be April 4th, or something.


Okay, I must insist that you enjoy this video. I squealed about it on the notify list yesterday, and sent it around the office - which prompted a cooler-than-thou response from a coworker: "That jumped the shark a long time ago". Hey, I'm not saying I just discovered a brand new meme or anything, and if you've already seen it, why not see it again? It's JUST THAT BRILLIANT. Watch it again, and get the dance moves down! The hand gestures! Then get with some friends and perform the whole song, just like this pep band!


So JB's Worldwide Corporate Security Operations Travel Advisory warns:

Tourists who are seeking female or male sexual companionship should be extremely concerned over 'laced' drinks, cautious about their money, and negotiations should definitely be made in advance. The danger in Thailand is much more from con artists than from perpetrators of violence, but nevertheless, there is a large criminal element and visitors should be on the alert. The tourist police are quite helpful.

In the city of Pattaya, police are reported to frequently receive complaints of women drugging and robbing tourists who often come to Pattaya for its famed sex industry. Women have been accused of coating their nipples with tranquilizers that knock men out after they lick the drug.

I WILL be vigilant! About the nipples!

Have a wonderful week, and I will talk to you when I get back. Kiss kiss!

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